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Your pet is everything to you, so it’s okay to pay attention to their health. We must therefore be attentive and each dog has its own diet. It is not for nothing that the biggest brands of dry food offer ranges adapted to each animal. Royal Canin with Canine Care Nutrition thus offers health nutrition based on the sensitivities of our canine companion.

1 in 3 dogs have sensitivities

Yes, adult dog, puppy, or senior, your animal certainly needs a specific diet:

  • Obese
  • Skin problem
  • Urinary problem
  • Joint problem
  • Sterilization
  • Digestive problem
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dental problem
  • Nervous
  • Dull coat

Maybe you have already noticed some signs, these 10 points are important and should therefore be taken into account.

What food should you give to your sensitive dog?

Your dog is fragile and he is one of the 33% of dogs suffering from sensitivities. A visit to the veterinarian is of course imperative for regular monitoring. Discover without delay the best kibble to give to your pet according to his pathologies.

My dog ​​gained weight

Did you know that 13% of dogs suffer from a weight problem? Being overweight is a problem for both humans and animals.

A suitable diet is therefore necessary, here is how to recognize a dog who is overweight or even obese:

  • He gets tired faster than before
  • Weight gain

In the long term, your dog will suffer from various health problems such as joint problems.

With Light Weight Care you know that you will give it a diet that will allow it to regain its healthy weight.

My dog ​​keeps scratching

Irritation is really uncomfortable for our dogs, did you know it is the number 1 concern of pet owners.

Here are the first visible signs:

  • Itching
  • Film

And by dint of scratching, your dog will irritate his skin because of his claws.

With Dermacomfort, you will relieve your dog who is prone to itching.

My dog ​​is not drinking enough

We cannot repeat it enough, always leave fresh water at will. If your pet suffers from a urinary problem, you must consult quickly to help him.

Here are some tips to find out if your has a urinary problem:

  • He urinates little
  • He doesn’t drink a lot

And by drinking less, the minerals in his urine will turn into crystals which will cause stones.

With Urinary Care, you know that you are going to offer him a recipe adapted to his urinary sensitivities.

My dog ​​has joint problems

It becomes even more of a problem when your dog is obese. With 12% of dogs affected by bone and joint disorders, this is a recurring problem.

Certain breeds of dogs are known to suffer from this kind of problem.

Here’s how to tell if your dog has a joint problem:

  • It is more and more difficult to move around
  • He has stiff joints

Healthy joints facilitate mobility and are the key to a healthy, active life. Large Dogs sometimes feel additional stress in the joints, which can be uncomfortable for them and slow them down.

Royal Canin Joint Care is therefore adapted to provide all the necessary nutrients while taking care of your weight.

My dog ​​is sterilized

If your pooch is sterilized, he is therefore part of the 42% of dogs in the same case. Sterilization is a big change in his life, he will be less active. Rather than going out to exercise, he will prefer a good nap.

But by spending less, he will tend to gain weight and keep his weight in shape will become more and more complicated.

Here are the signs that do not deceive:

  • He is less active than before the operation
  • He is more and more hungry

So now is the perfect time to change your eating habits. Sterilized by Royal Canin will suit him perfectly with a moderate fat content and a high protein content.

Remember to give him a regular physical activity to keep him in shape.

My dog ​​is nervous

Is your dog stressed? There are many reasons why a dog becomes anxious overnight. According to a study, 13% of people who own a dog have moved or later had a child.

Events such as a move, a car trip, or the arrival of a baby at home can upset a Dog. Nervous, he can adopt unexpected behavior.

It’s pretty easy to tell if your dog is suffering from stress:

  • He hides
  • He is restless
  • He isolates himself

By choosing to feed it, you will provide it with adaptogenic nutrients that will allow it to better adapt to upheavals.

My dog ​​has tartar

Your dog’s teeth are really important, whether it is for eating, playing, or defending himself, his teeth must be strong. Yes, but did you know that 14% of dogs have dental problems?

After eating, bacteria naturally settle on the dog’s teeth. If its teeth are not washed, plaques can form and turn into tartar, which can pose a health risk to the animal.

Here are the signs to watch out for:

  • Bad breath
  • Tartar formation

Do not hesitate to brush his teeth and ask the vet to carry out a check-up during his next visit. The Dental Care range is optimal since the texture of the kibbles is specially designed to clean his teeth when he chews.

My dog ​​has a loss of appetite

We spoke a little earlier about dogs that overeat. But the reverse is also possible, this is the case with small dogs who can be picky at mealtime.

In order for a Dog to eat healthy food and not just the treats it craves, it is necessary to provide it with a complete nutritional food that even the most picky dog ​​cannot resist.

The 1st visible signs:

  • Refusal of his bowl
  • He prefers to eat sweets

It is therefore advisable to feed it at regular times in order to create a habit for it. Even if he prefers to eat sweets, prefer healthy foods. Don’t hesitate to change the bag of kibbles, moreover, for difficult dogs, there is the Exigent range!

My dog ​​has digestive problems

With 12% suffering from digestive disorders, it is normal for Premium brands to offer an adapted diet. Avoid treats and feed him a suitable diet like Digestive Care. Quality proteins to facilitate digestion as well as fibers for its digestive comfort.

How to tell if my dog ​​is having digestion problems:

  • Loose stools
  • Bulky stools

Each dog has a specific diet. You must therefore take the time to choose the right range of dry or wet food because it will accompany your pet for a long time.


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