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Imagine the scene, back in the late 1970s, when artist Tom Zarden announced to family and friends that he was buying a laser engraving machine to help him with his work. You can be pretty certain that quite a few people thought him crazy!

Little did he know that he would start a trend that sparked the sale of thousands of laser engraving machines and had people describing him as a ‘visionary’. Tom, or Rudy as he was often known, made redwood signs and thought a laser engraving machine could speed up his output, whilst still creating beautiful work.

Of course, Rudy wasn’t the first to use lasers; they’d been around since the 1950s but certainly weren’t in common use. Lasers were seen as futuristic, not something that could help ordinary people do their jobs better.

Laser Engraving Sunshine Coast

Interestingly, lasers haven’t changed much since those early days. Clearly, technology has taken huge leaps forward, but the basic workings are the same. Unlike the early ‘maser’, which used ammonia gas and microwave radiation to do the job, laser engraving machines use light.

Using a simple combination of tubes, mirrors and gases, an intense beam of light is created, strong enough to mark the surface of many different materials. Lasers are also used across many other industries and professions, including intricate surgery.

Our friend Rudy bought the very first ‘turnkey’ laser engraving machine. It cost $50,000 – more than he had paid for his house. It was a big risk and you have to admire the man for taking this brave step into the future.

Of course, laser technology moved forward in leaps and bounds through the next few decades and today, the machines are mind-blowingly clever. Engraving systems in Australia are now capable of pretty much anything and can be used on a huge range of materials.


Much like Rudy, many laser engravers still work with wood. Hard and softwoods can be used, with the best results achieved using mahogany, walnut and maple.


Laser engraving on the Sunshine Coast most commonly uses plastic, as well as metal and glass. You’ve most likely seen, or even received, a stylish laser engraved acrylic trophy or plaque. Laser engraving is also used to create amazing business signs using a range of plastics.

Most of the Poly-plastics can be lasered, as well as vinyl and silicone, and these can be used for electronic components, circuit boards, keyboards, automotive parts, ID tags, packaging, tools and so much more.

Those who offer laser engraving services on the Sunshine Coast say this method allow them to work on very small components and include all type of content, including serial numbers, codes and logos. It’s fast and the results are resistant to heat, abrasion and acid.

One of the major advantages of engraving systems in Australia is that they are very cost-efficient. It eliminates the need for excessive handling and further machining, no pre or post-treatments are needed, and it eliminates tool wear.


For those that require metal business signage, or industrial components, laser engraving is ideal. It can also be used for safety signage, parts coding and data matrix coding for quality assurance.

Laser engraving on the Sunshine Coast can be used on a wide range of metals, including stainless steel, aluminium and brass, so the method is very versatile.

When working with metal, laser engraving offers many advantages, such as great precision. When it comes to engraving, for example, safety signage, the piece may be extremely small so great precision is required. Even very fine details can be added.

This system also maintains the quality of the metal. Being contactless, there is no tool wear or damage. A real bonus is the fact that designs can be stored for future use, as laser engraving is run through computer software.

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Now, consider that fine beam of intense light. That allows the engraver to get into hard-to-reach areas, where a hand and a manual engraving tool would never fit. The technology also allows the depth of the mark to be adjusted to suit the job, without changing tools.

The changes in engraving systems in Australia was welcomed by most engravers, as it’s kinder on their health and the environment. Many traditional methods used toxic chemicals and required the technician to be much closer to the material being engraved.

The fact that this method creates very little waste is certainly an advantage, both in terms of the environment and your business running costs.

One of the best things about all of this is that it’s a winning combination of tradition and technology. It’s still possible to create the most amazing and unique designs, as if they were being worked by hand, whilst the laser technology makes it more affordable for the customer and safer for the engraver.

So, next time you need new signage, safety signage, trophies and plaques, check out the laser engraving services on the Sunshine Coast.


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