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Have you ever dreamt of a perfect holiday hotspot? Well people usually prefer a trip to the beach city Australia or to beat the heat in hot cities of Africa, but there’s one more wonderland being a famous holiday destination, and that is the beautiful capital city of Russia, so let’s discover Moscow, the pearl of Russia and appreciate its flawless beauty.

Moscow is widely known as the cultural and historical mix of contemporary sights, as a tourist you have a lot of choices and you may get confused where to start off in the search to discover Moscow.

So let us discover Moscow, the pearl of Russia for you so that you can explore the true worth of some sprawling places around this Russian beauty.

Russia Moscow

The historic Kremlin
One thing is for sure; your visit to Moscow is incomplete without viewing the famous Kremlin of the city. It is the most ancient site of Moscow and a famous monument of the city. The Kremlin is an iconic representation of Moscow and symbolizes the city at best. It is a reinvigorated complex that overlooks the beautiful Moskva River, the Red Fort and St. Basil’s Cathedral. You will find many museums inside the Kremlin which are a major focus of tourism there. In 1990, the Kremlin was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

Ivan the Great Bell Tower
Ivan the Great Bell Tower is the tallest tower inside the beautiful Kremlin tower; its height is 81 metres and was built in 1508 in the Cathedral square. It was the first bell tower which was constructed with the stones. Inside the tower there is a spiral staircase of 329 steps which follows towards the highest deck observation. The tower has total 22 bells and the top drum is ornamented beautifully with a cross and dome.

The Red Square
The Red Square is a central city square of Moscow. The famous square was meant to serve as a main marketplace of Moscow, it got its name originated from the Russian word Krasnaya which means ‘’red’’. The red square connects the major highways of Russia which are initiated from the square.

St Basil’s Cathedral
St. Basil’s Cathedral is also called as the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed; it is a famous church inside the Red Square. The beautiful building that is now served as a museum and is recalled as the Cathedral of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos on the Moa. It was recognized as the tallest building of Moscow until Ivan the Great Bell Tower was completed.


The Bolshoi Theatre
The Bolshoi Theatre is a historic theater in the city of Moscow. The theater got its design from the famous architect Joseph Bove. The theater organizes performances like opera and ballet. Originally the name of the theater was the Imperial Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow. The Bolshoi Ballet and Opera is the oldest opera companies of the world, and till now it is one of the biggest companies of the world. No wonder it is an amazing place to see while your trip to discover Moscow.

Museums and Theaters of Moscow
Moscow is a cultural hub and is rich in having some of the beautiful museums of the world. Some of the museums include The Yuri Orlov Palaeontological Museum which displays extensive historic relics and is an oldest one of the world. The Moscow State University Zoological Museum is another exotic one ranking amongst top 10 museums of the world. The Andrei Rublev Museum of Ancient Russian Art contains some exuberant examples of famous Russian Orthodox art. The All Russian Museum of Applied and Folk Art which is a fledgling museum displaying the new decorative art of Russia. The State Historical Museum stands beautifully inside the Red Fort and has many historical, archaeological and anthropological collections of Moscow.


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