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Have you started writing blogs just with your passion and real interest? You have put much effort into your blogs to create quality content and provide value to your readers. However, how will you get a reward for your consistent effort? The best option for you is to monetize your blog. You will earn money from your blogs.

But, is it the right time to monetize blogs. Monetization may not be a successful option for all bloggers. Novices have to wait for the perfect time to earn money from blogs.

Thus, before taking steps for monetization, you have to ask yourself some questions.

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Make sure that your blog receives at least 100 to 150 visitors per day. You can check your blog traffic on Google Analytics.

  • Have you found a good number of loyal subscribers to read your blogs?

subscribers to read your blogs
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Some bloggers have 5000 subscribers, although most of them are not interested in the content. Instead, it is better to have 500 subscribers who are highly enthusiastic about your blogs.

  • Have you understood the readers’ needs?

It is important to communicate with the target readers and know how your blogs have benefited them.

  • What should be the monetization strategy for your blog?

It is the major question for bloggers, who have thought of earning more from their useful content. There are several monetization options for professional bloggers.

You can find a list of the most effective ways of earning money from blogging.

  • Earn from selling e-books-

Do you have skills in writing e-books on a particular subject? Use these skills to increase your revenues from blogging. But, what should be the subject of your e-books? When you find no other subjects of your choice, it is better to write books on blogging. Your books can provide a guide to novice bloggers.

Blogs published on your website will be available as free information to readers. When these readers become your fans, they will look for more resources to get educated. In that case, you can make your e-books available to them. Those avid readers will like to buy your e-books and get premium content.

Thus, e-books give you an opportunity to sell your knowledge. You will find a high-profit margin from selling these digital books. Let your readers buy books from other platforms, like Amazon and social media.

  • Be an affiliate marketer-

To find a passive source of income from blogs, you can choose an affiliate marketing program. You may promote physical products, digital products, and services using your blogging skills.

Affiliate Marketing
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Successful affiliate marketers have annual earnings of about $100,000. Thus, promote the chosen products and insert the affiliate link. When buyers click on your link and make a deal, you will earn commissions.

However, take some time to find the most profitable referral program and check the commission percentage. Make sure that your blogging niche is relevant to the products and services promoted by you.

  • Provide one-on-one virtual training-

Do you have strong knowledge of a particular subject? You may share your knowledge and skills with others by providing a training program.

Most importantly, you have already showcased your authority in the niche with your regular blogging. Now, you have to add a training and consultation page to your website.

You know that there is an increasing trend of choosing e-learning solutions. That is why you can grab this opportunity and find a chance to teach others and earn money.

Bloggers can find it easy to promote their training courses by adding content to the website.

  • Sponsored advertisements-

When you find an increasing number of readers of your blog, you will receive emails from product owners and service providers. They will request you to make an agreement and publish their  digital banner ads on your blogs.

As you help them to increase their business reach, you will get paid for it. However, you may need to send persuasive emails to product owners and manufacturers to convince them to partner up with you. Send personalized emails to get a positive response from your advertisers.

You must add a separate webpage- Advertise With Us. This page must include a CTA button, web traffic information, social media links, and advertising details. You can clarify the reasons for advertising with you.

  • Create premium content-

Make a part of your content available for premium users. When you find several readers interested in your free blogs, you can take this step. You can hide an amazing part of your content and ensure that it is only available for premium subscribers. However, you have to provide better content for the paid readers.

  • Sponsored review-

Lots of advertisers like to review their services and products by hiring bloggers. You can leverage benefits from this option.

Start writing reviews of different products and services to gain the attention of advertisers. Then, reach out to different businesses and ask them about their need for publishing reviews. In most cases, when a company launches a new product, they like to review it for its potential customers.

However, you must not mislead your readers by writing wrong reviews because it will violate some internet guidelines. It can damage your reputation as a blogger. Thus, write genuine reviews of different products.

  • Start an email marketing program-

One of the best ways of increasing your revenues from blogging is email marketing. Some bloggers like to start their email marketing campaign only to build their email lists.

However, with successful marketing, you can raise your level of earnings. For instance, by sending promotional emails, you may increase the sale of your eBooks. It is also better to email a free eBook copy to your potential readers. When they like your book, you can buy the premium version of the book.

Thus, email marketing enables you to find leads for your blogging website. With high-quality content, you can convert those leads into customers.

  • Earn money from Google AdSense-

Publishers can take advantage of Google AdSense to earn revenues from digital content. Google AdSense matches advertisements to your website by analyzing your visitors and content.

Advertisers create those ads to promote products. As advertisers pay varying prices for their ads, you will earn different amounts for every ad.

Sponsored advertisements

You may also find differences in ad styles used by companies. For instance, companies can create video ads, image ads, and text-based ads.

Moreover, as advertisers create ads in multiple formats, you have to give your blog readers an option for connecting with advertisers.

You must be careful while choosing the type of ads and the place for publishing them. Rely on Google Analytics to identify the effectiveness of ads placed on your website.

  • Sell your products-

You have learned the way of selling e-books through the blogging site. However, you may sell any physical product that you have designed with your creativity. Use your blogging skills to inform potential buyers about your products and their benefits.

But, do not sell something that is not relevant to your blogging niche. For instance, you have designed bags, wooden products, and other handicrafts, you may write blogs about them.

Share your blogs with social media users and find potential buyers from those platforms. Although your blogging is the best weapon to promote your products, you may rely on several other digital channels.

  • Sell your leads to some other organizations-

You have started your career with niche blogs, and now, you find a high volume of traffic in your website. You need to track those visitors to know their email addresses and other details. Companies related to your blog niches will find your visitors’ information helpful.

Thus, you can sell your leads and get paid for it. Every blog reader on your website is referred to as a lead. Collect information about your blog readers and sell it to different companies.

It is one of the smartest ways of earning money from your blogging platform.

  • Create and publish podcasts-

Modern consumers like to read blogs to get useful information about products and services. However, most of them have a busy lifestyle and cannot find time to read every word of your long blogs.

That is why you can reach them by using a different medium. Use audio podcasting to provide information to the target readers.

Your regular blog readers can become podcast subscribers. You may monetize the podcast by publishing ads.

  • Sell freelance services-

One of the best ways to earn money from blogs is by freelancing. Successful bloggers have earned a big amount by working as freelancer service providers like upwork or peopleperhour or any other. Thus, it is the most profitable option available for you.

You may earn money as a freelance photographer, web designer, writer, and other service providers. Sell your skills digitally and increase your revenues.

However, make sure that you have added a contact form to let your potential clients communicate with you.

These are proven ways of earning money from regular blogging. You may not find the result in a few days. Proper monetization takes much time, and thus, you have to retain your patience. You can find out more strategies to monetize your blogs.


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