The Dictator, Kim Jong is ready for the conversation with Trump!


The long-running tension between North Korea and the US seems to have ended. Actually, South Korea has claimed that North Korea is ready to negotiate with the U.S.. South Korea’s President Moon Jae-In himself said that North Korea is interested in talks with the US.

Moon Jae-In said that during the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, they met with North Korean General Kim Yong Chol. The President had said in the meeting that the two countries should soon start a dialogue by making their relationships normal. President Moon said that during this time he indicated that North Korea is ready to talk to America. At the same time, North Korea agreed that inter-Korean relations and North Korea-American relations should be developed together. It is worth noting that earlier on Friday the US had imposed a number of sanctions against North Korea.

Restrictions on North Korea

The US is still continuously banning North Korea. The United States has now announced the biggest ban on North Korea. With this decision, the US has made it clear that it will not let the pressure tactics against Pyongyang (North Korea) be reduced. US President Donald Trump warned North Korea that if the first round restrictions on North Korea are not done, second round banning will be imposed which would be extremely unfortunate for the world. The US Treasury Department has banned 28 vessels and 9 transport companies. The 27 companies that have been banned are registered in North Korea, Singapore and China.


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