Dental Filling: Procedure, Type & Cost

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Examining the patients since quite a long has made me come to the conclusion that the majority of people today are facing the problem of a cavity. And when it comes to the solution for the same what can be better than Dental Fillings.

Dental fillings are a way to restore the tooth damaged by decay or trauma back to its normal shape and function. The cavity is formed when the enamel of the tooth wear off causing sensitivity.

People visiting with the problem are actually facing the problem of a cavity which are to be filled and today we have a lot of options for the same. The advancement and development in the dentistry have led to innovations and fillings is one of them. Not only do we now have a lot of options for the same but it is pain-free a treatment.

Many people have the misconception that getting the treatment of filling will hurt as a result they ignore the treatment and live with the pain and problem. What they do not realize is that ignoring it for long will only increase issues for them and it can also happen that the case leads to the extraction of the tooth.

In today’s scenario, one can choose amongst the type of filling they want or can get advised by the dentist as to which filling will best suit their needs.

The types of Dental Fillings are:

Silver Filling

These are the most common and widely used type of filling which is in the dentistry since a quite long now. They are a mixture of silver, copper, and tin with silver being the maximum in the ratio. Because it is made up of metal, these are the strongest and the least expensive type of filling available. If the cavity is too deep or the accident or trauma has resulted in deep pockets in the tooth, then silver fillings fit in the best. The only important drawback of the same is that because they are visible, they are not fit for the front teeth as it carries aesthetic concerns with them. Yet, till date, many people go with such filling due to the strength and durability as it works well for molars i.e. the back-chewing teeth.

Composite-Resin Filling

The aesthetic concerns were met when the composite resin filling was introduced. It is a mixture of powdered glass and resin. Because it is made up of resin, it gives a natural appearance to your tooth and matches the natural color of your teeth. It restores the natural tooth and the tooth is prepared easily for this type of filling. The drawback of this type of filling is that it is not as durable as silver filing. Also, the process of this type of filling might take more time than the usual filling.

Porcelain Inlay & Onlay Filling

If a larger portion of your tooth is missing and you need structural strength and integrity, then these types of fillings will solve both the purpose. As the name suggests these are made of porcelain and are crafted in the laboratory. Though it might take more than one dental visit yet have a lot of advantage added. It maintains the natural appearance of your tooth. They are durable and also stain resistant. They cover all the points important for a dental filling. The only disadvantage it carries is that they take time. The treatment might not be completed in a single sitting.

Once you are sure about the option to ahead with, the procedure will not take much time.

When you will be on the dental chair, your dentist will first numb the area so that you do not feel any pain, and this answers the question if the filling hurts. After this, your dentist will remove the damaged part from your tooth making it clean. Your dentist will then fill in the empty area with the filling you chose and will smoothen the area. This they will do with a special tool which helps them to correct the bite and maintain the level of filling in the teeth. They will make you comfortable throughout.

Like sound, the treatment of dental fillings does not take much time. This is normally done in a single sitting, but in special cases, as discussed above, you might first visit the clinic to get the molds ready basis which your treatment will then proceed. This might take more than one dental visit.

Once the treatment is done, anesthesia will take around 3 hours to wear off and you will be advised by your dentist not to consume anything for that period. But eventually, this will subside.

The dentist nearby is the best person to visit if you feel you have to undergo the treatment of tooth cavity filling. It is advisable to visit the dentist soon because ignoring it for long will lead to more trouble and then the chances of Root Canal Treatment increases. The rct treatment cost is quite high and can be avoided if proper preventive measures are taken.


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