Coronavirus and how US and China are at conflict

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The China–United States war is an ongoing conflict between the world’s two largest superpowers, China and the United States. The war on China precedes the spread of the Coronavirus also known as the Chinese virus. The trade war with the Asian giant is old news. But as tensions were always tried to be kept at a minimal, the mismanagement of the Pandemic is looking for responsibles. But more recently animosity in the conflict is in the rise while each of the two pushes its own narrative about the origins of the global pandemic.

That is why to be in America and back up the investigation and or war on China for their direct responsibility in the mourning of hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions, the change in the new normal way of life, the economic downfall for the west, seems fair enough. Remember that the actions of the Communist Party do not necessarily represent the chinese people. The People’s Republic of China (PRC) and its chinese people from around the world have also been affected by the Coronavirus global pandemic.

As yesterday’s Bloomberg’s headline was “bankrupt America on the verge of a declared coldware against China?” Where it was discussed how a long term conflict would gravely affect the Pentagon’s budget and even more the preexisting international trade conflicts.

A year ago Graham Allison made a TED Talk on how inevitable a war between China and the US was. Back in 2016 many people predicted the USA to be doomed to go to war with China. All these years there have been conflicts in the SCS South China Sea, the relation has been of aggressions and increasingly dangerous.

Five years ago the overseas vigilance of the United States became legally possible in a International Claim from The Hague to allow international waters across ancient China’s nine dash line, also referred sometimes as ten or eleven dash line, through which they became entitled to the whole of the SCS. This is the reason why Taiwan plays such a strategic shore value as a US ally in the SCS. It has long been believed for over 20 years that a war between China and the United States of America would come, and that Russia would join China in the war.

The trade war is an ongoing economic conflict between the world’s two largest national economies and it has its long history of attacks, treaties and actions. Most recently China called upon the UN to ask America to pay the UN for its debt, as it is the biggest debtor at the moment.

We have already lived immerse in a sort of fourth or fifth generation war as far as information, market (trade and tariffs war), culture is concerned. When one realizes the power interests in the right and the new deal of the left.

Affairs have never been totally clear or good with either the Republic of China (ROC) and even less now with the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Henceforth all the doubt, or the infuriating common sense that the VIrus came from Wuhan, and from a 4th level laboratory working on it, and not from the newly illegal trade of rare species for mass consumption is at best a wondrous truth. China’s Communist Party ruled from Beijing have decided to difficult the investigation on the virus origins, and recent question as how Wuhan was closed early to China but not so to International flights, the mishandling of the onset of the the pandemic and hiding information in general as well as the disappearance of Wuhan Research facility doctor from the start, who gave and early warning, who and the imprisonment of those who voice against their government.

The raise in government expenditure is linked with economic benefits generation in the short run during war, because by increasing services and employment in the military, and a tighter control on population to free up resources restoring social and economic order. It is sometimes used as a last resource for deteriorating economic conditions during a crisis, so this is something to bear in mind without forgetting the side effects of war can be devastating on the economic development of those affected.

The economic war also called the third generation will affect first the lives of us. The global chinese multinational Huawey has suffered the attacks in America, now essential components for their products and business are usually withhold at customs, on China’s retaliation companies like Boeing, Qualcomm, Cisco and Apple will also be affected when China adds these to their “unreliable entity list”. So, battle is being fought already in all directions. China owns about $1.1 trillion in U.S. debt just over what Japan owns. China is definitely trying to shift the Dollar peg of major currencies to the Chinese Yuan.

One way or the other, even if Trump carries on as a war investor to turn the economics on through government spending, and while aggression don’t scalate in the long run a war against China seems too high price to pay, initially over the 3 trillion dollars, and depleting the needed for true territorial defense, while in the long term China’s production apparatus will leverage them longer.

Either way it can be a fantastic way for a world upgrade, to open many people’s minds and eyes, to adapt to beneficial changes for social integration, the use of technologies, the purpose in the self once isolated, to balance the importance of things, .


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