Coca Cola plans to Launch Drinks Containing Cannabis

Coke Announces Its Raising Soda Prices Due To Rising Costs

According to the American newspaper BNN Bloomberg, the American company Coca-Cola has begun discussions with the Canadian group Aurora Cannabis in a partnership. The goal: to market drinks containing cannabis.

What if your Coca-Cola soon contained cannabis? The project has been in the works since the Coca-Cola group and the Canadian group Aurora Cannabis discuss a possible commercialization of drinks containing cannabidiol infusions.

According to the American newspaper BNN Bloomberg , the two North American groups are considering developing drinks to fight inflammation, pain and cramps . Asked about the subject by the same media, a spokesman for Coca-Cola declined to comment on these revelations, but said “with many others in the beverage industry, we closely monitor the growth of cannabidiol (CBD) non-psychoactive as an ingredient in functional wellness drinks around the world. However no decision has been taken yet. ”

Coca Cola plans to launch drinks containing cannabis
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Eight States Legalize Marijuana in the United States

In the United States, recreational marijuana is legalized in eight states, the latest in California since January 1, 2018, as well as the states of Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Alaska, Massachusetts, and Maine. . In Canada, cannabis is preparing to be fully legalized recreationally next month. However, there is no guarantee that these discussions will lead to a commercial agreement, says BNN Bloomberg.

In August 2018 Constellation Brands, a producer of Corona and Modelo beers, also announced that they would invest in cannabis beverages.


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