Close to Tet, Visit Lai Vung Village


Lai Vung is a land known for its spring rolls, but Lai Vung is perhaps better known today as the “Pink Kingdom”.

 Tangerine variety Lai Vung is another name of Tieu Son tangerine, thin shell, succulent, when ripe orange red, sweet taste bar.

Situated on the Hau river, which is alluvium-enriched soil fertility and favorable climate, the pink tangerine in Lai Vung is very luxuriant, with a thin shell, less seeds and a special taste than other regions. At present, Lai Vung has an area of ​​2,000 hectares of red tangerine, most concentrated in Long Hau, Tan Phuoc, Tan Thanh and Vinh Thoi communes to supply more than 40,000 tons of fruit for Tet.

Pink tangerine garden is the place to check in the days adjacent to Tet – Photo: Duong Quan Ha

This type of mandarins ripen in the month of February. The pink mandarin garden these days, like the fairytale garden with the rows of golden fruit trees glowing in the sun and bruise. The bunch of red tangerine, glossy fruit, round fruit under the foliage to create a sense of fullness.

Pink tangerine garden brings a small income to the households here – Photo: Duong Quan Ha

Pink tangerines in Lai Vung are covered by traders, so come here these days you will see the tangerines barrels are loaded on the truck to go around.

Pink tangerines are planted along small canals in the garden, heavy branches planted with trusses. The garden is often planted with tangerines and grapefruits.

Tangerines are planted along the canals – Photo: Duong Quan Ha

As tangerines and grapefruits are scattered all year round, and the mandarin orange is only used during the Tet festival, the farmers cultivate alternately to maximize their productivity.

You can buy 1 day tour or 2 days tour according to your time for visiting the village of Lai Vung mandarin from the famous tourism companies. You can also take a motorbike or car along National Highway 1 to My Thuan Bridge and continue on Highway 80 to Sa Dec Town.

Tangerines are harvested to prepare for consumption – Photo: Duong Quan Ha

From Sa Dec, you can go to Lai Vung district, in the commune there are many gardens. You can also visit some gardens such as Hai Kiet, Lan Anh, Ut Tuong, Hong Danh, Tu Rang, Phuong Nghi …

Visitors photographed in orchard garden – Photos: Duong Quan Ha

Entrance fee of each orchard is 50,000 VND (Vietnamese Dong) for adults and 20,000 VND for young children. You will enjoy the tangerine at the reception desk, then go to the garden and you can go to the garden to cut the delicious tangerines and can bring some to home as gifts for friends and family.

In addition to visiting the orchid garden, you can visit the flower Sa Dec which is also one of the beauty. You can also visit ancient house of Huynh Thuy Le with special architecture of Europe, visit Kim Huu Pagoda, Minh Huong is located nearby.

Tourists can experience the self-cut fruit from the tree as a gift – Photo: Duong Quan Ha

Do not forget to try Sa Dec’s specialties such as noodles, grilled ham rolls, roasted lotus leaf rolls, croissant salad, crispy grilled shrimp and sour eel soup ….


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