Choose Northern Escape to Enjoy the Exceptional Thrill of Helicopter Skiing


Exploring the powdery mountains through invigorating altitudes is a spice every adventure enthusiast wishes to experience. How about enjoying the sheer thrill in a helicopter? Well, nothing could be much adventurous than this and essentially it offers a true meaning to the fact, ‘variety adds spice to your life.’ Heli skiing is exceptional and undoubtedly, it is something we all want to undergo, at least once in our lifetime.

Amalgamating the magic of traveling across the scenic mountains and getting a bird’s eye view of spectacular heights is awe-inspiring. If you have that adventurous spirit within you, the Canadian surroundings offer you a lifetime experience. The eclectic glance of the slopes from an incredible height in a thrilling helicopter is sure to give you goosebumps. But what about your safety? Well, this is where Northern Escape comes into the picture. By offering qualified professionals and high-class safety equipment, the company focuses on keeping you safe and sound. Furthermore, the skiing helicopter pilots are no less than the guides. With their vast industry experience, they can fly high across the powdery snow while maintaining your safety. All the helicopters are well equipped with a satellite phone, GPS, VHF radio, oxygen, first-aid and many other survival equipment. For Northern Escape, your safety is an absolute priority.


The pleasure of flying high above in a helicopter is surely doozy for skiers. To make you enjoy an unrivalled skiing experience, the company provides three state-of-the-art helicopter skiing packages. With the all-inclusive packages, you are free to customize the fun as per your budget. Not to forget, skiing safety equipment, meals, certified ski experts, non-alcoholic drinks, ground transfers are all part of the packages you choose. Let’s discuss the packages in detail:

Classic Ski Package: Being the most economical, the package lets the skiers enjoy the experience with three groups of six adventurer on a shared Koala helicopter. It provides a remote mountain lodging at the Yellow Cedar Lodge. Set amidst scintillating mountains, it lets you enjoy outdoor jacuzzi, sauna, delectable snacks and meals. You would depart in smart groups each morning. The package lengths can be chosen by the skier which comprise a 3, 4, 5, or 7-day classic ski package.

Elite Ski Package: To let the guests enjoy a semi-private mountain experience, the company brings its Elite Heli Skiing package in the forefront. This helicopter skiing is covered in two groups of approximately 4 to 5 people including a friendly guide. All the ski guests can relax in the private log cabins and double guest rooms and can enjoy five-star meals at the pioneer lodge. The accommodation option provided by the Northern Escape allows you to stay connected with your loved ones through cell phone and wireless internet. Choose between 3, 4, 5, and 7-day package, whichever suits you the best.

Private Ski Package: Want to ski in a private helicopter? If yes, then discover the vast sky by opting the exclusive private heli skiing package. The package offers ultimate flexibility as it’s only about you and your best chosen pals. With best amenities and dining options, this package offers you best of both the worlds. Enjoy an accommodation in a private chalet at Yellow Cedar Lodge. Elegantly overlooking the Skeena River, this accommodation option is well-equipped with outdoor jacuzzi, sauna, and games room.

By offering a lifetime experience of twisting and turning in the rugged mountains, Northern Escape promises to keep you thrilled. So, choose to fulfil your passion and get ready to cherish the memories for yesteryear.


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