China’s big blow to ‘friend Pakistan’


Islamabad Pakistan is going to be penalized for its terrorist activities by the international community. The FATF, the United Nations Organization in Paris, that is, the Financial Action Task Force has decided to put Pakistan in the gray list. The official announcement of this decision is to happen sometime, but after the withdrawal of China and Saudi Arabia, there is no doubt about the passage of a resolution brought by American, Britain, Germany and France.

The Financial Action Task Force, an agency tracking terrorist funding, has put Pakistan in the gray list.

At the Paris meeting of FATF, only Turkey saw Pakistan joining till the last time, but the opposition of a single member in this institution does not matter. FATF has 37 members. Except Turkey alone, the remaining 36 thought it necessary that it was time to punish Pakistan for not taking action against terror organizations. Coming to the banned list of this global institution of Pakistan means that other countries will not be able to invest there.

Pakistan has been put in the gray list for the first three months and after this it will be further extended for next three months. According to reports, China did not even help Pakistan on this issue. Because of the help of terrorists and their funding, Pakistan has been kept in this list. At the same time, the help received from the international community is also being banned.

China also made border from Pakistan

Now Pakistan will be more difficult to handle its economy. The trauma of Pakistan did not just indicate that it became infamous in the world as a terrorist supporter, but it was also felt that even the dependable China had made it a teaser. About China, Pakistan used to say that our friendship with us is higher than the Himalayas. Pakistan  hoped that Saudi Arabia will support him because pakistan has sent a thousand soldiers to fight for his fight recently, but he retreated ahead of America.

What happens when the list is included

After being involved in the list of ‘high risk’ countries who do not work to stop terror funding, there will be a financial impact on Pakistan. FATF is an international organization that sets standards against illegal funding. Banks and international companies dealing with Pakistan can reconsider having a financial relationship with them. In such a situation, the condition of Pakistan, which is already facing economic crisis, will worsen.


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