China – Bosses force employees to drink urine and eat cockroaches

China Company Torture

Three directors of a Chinese renovation company were jailed for forcing their employees who did not carry out their duties to make sleazy penalties.

To be whipped with a belt, to shave one’s head, to eat roaches and even to drink urine. All this happened in front of the rest of the staff. Three directors of a Chinese renovation company in Guizhou province inflicted miserable sanctions on their employees who were not doing their sales/job properly. These punishments also filmed by the company, later it found on social networks. The images have been viewed millions of times and the bosses have been apprehended.


According to the official Chinese media quoted by Reuters news agency on Thursday, November 8, the three leaders were jailed for five to ten days. The majority of employees would have chosen to stay despite the introduction of these methods earlier this year. But the company would not have paid their employees for the last two months and the staff feared to speak out in fear and for losing the money too, the BBC complements .


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