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South Korea, captivates many visitors by the sparkling scenes and destinations like Busan and others. In addition to the cherry blossom festival that attracts many visitors to Korea in early March to mid-April, the tulip festival at Everland Park is also a great breakthrough.

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The capital of Seoul is the ideal place to see this beautiful and amazing flowers. You can visit the Yeouido park, enjoy the fresh air and feel the pure beauty of the fragile cherry petals that shimmer in the early morning mist.

For those who love romantic feelings, take a stroll along the Han River on the Yeouiseo-ro walking street, admiring the gentle raindrops from two straight lines of cherry trees. This is also an opportunity for you to participate in outdoor activities such as portraits, art exhibitions, street music performances during the spring flower festival in Yeouido.

Photo : United With Love

Besides that, Jeju Island brings you a sweet journey, full of beautiful flowers with sumptuous cherries are highlighted by the large, thick petals.

Walking around the Hallim Park, Suweolbong, Seogwipo central area, Jeju Sports Complex is a vibrant space of thousands of white cherry blossoms, as if to welcome you.

Especially, coming to Jeju in the spring, you will still see the golden shine of the carpet of flowers spread all the way. And do not forget to enjoy the outdoor performance of the harmonies in the poetic nature.

One cannot fail to mention the Jinhae-gu District of Changwon City as a sensible choice for cherry blossoms. Just an hour’s drive from Busan, Jinhae-gu is in your eyes with hundreds of cherry trees covering the sides of the road, along the river and railways.

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Walking alone on the path along the Yeojwa Stream, will be are constantly attracted to the peaceful scenery of cherry blossoms flowing and lightly sprinkled on the bridge of the Yeojwa Stream.

spring festival Yeouido
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In addition, the opportunity to enjoy flowers at Gyeonghwa station will bring you a truly poetic sensation when you will walk beside the train stretching and watching the cherry blossoms burst like pink dye around God. Gyeonghwa is often frequented by locals in the spring for beautiful souvenirs.

Not only in Netherland you can see the tulips but also Everland Park is sure to make you happy with the colourful tulips and unique shapes of flowers. A beautiful spring painting not only in cherry blossom but also points to more than 100 different varieties of blue, yellow, red flowers.

If you come from March 26th to April 23rd, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Everland tulip festival with fun activities such as parades, jubilant music shows or go into the fairy-tale fairy world etc. etc.

spring festival jeju island

In response to the campaign “Spring flowers enjoy – Through Korea” by the company Vietravel, Jeju Tourism Promotion Agency and the Korea Tourism Administration in Vietnam (KTO) coordinate implementations. Accordingly, visitors can register for the Spring Festival and can have the opportunity to receive bags of cosmetics from KTO.



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