Can I use my regular headset for gaming purpose?

Can I use my regular headset for gaming purpose

The word gaming itself bring goosebumps and super exciting to us. The thirst to win, playing and ending the battle, winning the tournament, stepping up the ladders and reaching the monster and defeating the allies, are all the things warm our blood by just giving a single thought, are not they?

Then why settle for less? Especially when there is a whole lot package available for us in regards of audio profile for gaming since the gaming sound is pretty much different from the sound of songs and when the need of hearing of both is different as well.

In precise, the answer to the question of “can you use your regular headset for gaming purpose?” is angry “No”.

Your regular headphones fail to provide the sound of the game the way it should be, due to the lack of specific properties that are only held by the best gaming headset. These properties not only enhance the enjoyment of the game but also considered as the professional gaming sound server.

Whereas, an ordinary headphone can only provide the original vocals without the ability to customize or you have to have listened to the track without making any changes apart from the volume and bass.

On the other hand, the most typical feature that the gaming headset has is the surround sound. Let’s check out what it means.

What is the surround sound?

Most of the people are confused or overlap the term surround sound with the bass. Bass is more or less available in almost all the headphones including the gaming headsets. Where there is bass in the gaming headsets, people mostly prefer surround sound over it. The reason is, it changes the voices or the sound of the people either too much or less, causes the sound muffled in a way you have to concentrate too much to understand the voices.

However, coming towards the surround sound, it is the ability to hear every tit and bit of the surrounding within the game.

You don’t want to be shoot out unexpectedly when you are a warrior leading your troop. You want to be aware of the enemy, their footsteps, loading guns even someone is near you breathing, this surround sound help to recognize every sound from every direction with clarity.

Wearing headsets for too long

Here another part that makes the gaming headset differ from the regular headphones is the longevity to wear them. Your regular headphones are not capable to provide you the comfort if you intend to wear them for more than 8 hours. It leads to uncomfortable wear, you feel itchy more nonrelaxed as long as you wear.

Whereas, if you observe the designing of the gaming headset it is itself made for long gaming sessions as well for the professional gamers who intend to or spend there most of the time in front of their gaming monitors. This keeps a long hold without hurting your ears or head during the immersive gaming.

Listening or talking

The major difference between the gaming headset and your regular headset is the ability of both hearing and talking at the same time. In particular, headsets are exclusively designed for communication purpose; this includes the ability to hear and talk to the opponent at the same time, whether talking to another gamer or chatting with a friend. Whereas, headphones are not able to provide the utility to talk, if yes then only with a separate mic, which doesn’t come along the headphones itself.

In short, headphones are unable to let you talk to the friend in the ongoing game but a gaming headset can do this for you and help to enrich the enjoyment you deserve over the play.

However, if you want to enjoy the gaming session and bring it to the professional level then you must need a gaming headset and put down your regular headphones. Thus, gaming headsets are only the one that could fulfill the gaming requirement in the audio perspective than any other headphones, so better let them do their job instead.

Hope this write up has helped you a lot, more soon join to let you acknowledge its gravity, till then good luck.


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