BMW 1series never fails to Impress


A diesel engine that stands out among the class

BMW 1 Series
BMW has since long provided the market with products that are among the finest. 120d is among such creations. Diesel engines are fast losing their appeal but the diesel this brand produces no doubt becomes prominent due to the effort put into them to give a desirable result.

This BMW is among the mid-range trims but it has all the traits to own. There are this brand’s class, the technology and the mechanics which are of high quality. Even the starters never disappoint. This is a five-door hatchback with nice exterior and an attractive interior.

There are the sharp driving dynamics which a sports car have yet the family car make up. It is a rear wheel drive car for the reason to make some more space inside. BMW 1series engines are kept under strict check to abide by the environmental standards.

The manufacturer has made sure to keep the emission in control for this and any other diesel engine it manufactures. The figure this engine emits really makes it different from the category this hatchback lays.

BMW 120d engines replacement is said to make the performance even more enhanced so not to worry if a replacement is needed. The BMW 120d engines supply and fit service at the same place makes things easier and saves time also.

The small engine seems big

BMW 1 Series Engines
In this 1 series also there is the common 2.0-litre diesel engine present under the bonnet. This turbo motor gives the engine power of 184 hp and a torque of 350 Nm. The time it takes to reach from 0-100 km/h in just 7.6 seconds.

The torque starts to kick off at a very low 1750 rpm. With such a low limit there is a really good speed as you proceed further. There is a really good response from the engine no matter how much you push the car.

Even when the engine reaches its limit it feels like willing to give more. The engine noise is well suppressed and the cabin may be taken as that of a patrol car. There is a six-speed manual transmission as standard for the engine.

It is smooth with a quick shift not breaking the momentum of speed. There is a good economy rate for 120d and the quick start/stop function further aids in this function. If one word can describe this engine it is “efficient”.

Handling this BMW is a nice experience

BMW 1 Series Rear View
1 series is all about favouring the driver and making the driving experience a memorable one every time the driver ignites the engine. There are quick driving dynamics and a sporty perfection associated with the handling side.

To make the engine more efficient the stop/start function and the brake energy regeneration technology improves the economy. There is an electric power steering which gives a more swift reaction when used.

Turning the car for sharp turns is not a problem with that wheel. The turning circle is also good without putting any extra effort. There is a little body lean but it does not give any annoying movement inside the cabin.

The steering gives good feedback making it easy for the driver to place the car accurately. Brakes are another plus point over here. These are powerful enough to stop such a fast car. These get generated halfway pressed and give an even more grip than the tires on road.

Interior and technology

BMW 1 Series Interior
The cabin is kept to the point but full of standard tools to aid the driver as well as the safety side. There is a sporty environment inside with firm seats and good holding shape. The dashboard is not full of annoying buttons or controls and the round shaped figures affirm the notion further.

For standard, there is the automatic climate control, traction control, brake force distribution, cruise control, front air-bags, leather steering, anti-lock braking, head airbags, pre-tensioners front seats and side airbags.

Apart from these, there are also optional features to give advanced tools in case you need. For the security side, there is the automatic central locking system and engine immobilizer in case there is a theft attempt.

With all the goodies on board, the buyers love to own it with a BMW tag as a bonus. Or some also buy it to have the top brand in their porch.


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