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I was done with my hectic schedule & boring life and need some time to relax and freshen up the first thing that hits my mind was a Bangkok trip. A city of fun-loving and colorful people. From every corner of the world families, couples and individuals plan a trip to experience the real beauty of Bangkok City.

Through this forum today, I want to share my experience of the places that I found worth visiting in Bangkok. I stayed a week there and it turned out to be quite amazing. The amazing things, I came across were so diverse and exceptionally energizing that made my trip unforgettable.

Shopping in Bangkok:

The glitzy shopping malls and colorful markets in Bangkok are eye appealing for every tourist out there. At Bangkok, you will find plenty of options to choose from that suits every budget and taste. I discover the best shopping places there like Emporium mall, China Town, Indra Square Market and Bobby Market are the ultimate shopping solutions in Bangkok. I find the finest, long lasting and most of it reasonable dresses, cosmetics and accessories for myself and for my friends too.

A Visit to Pattaya Beach:

Tropical ambiance of Pattaya is the most loved spot for all the travelers. It’s a premier beach resort of Thailand that attracts couples, families and individuals from across the world. When I reached there I was left mesmerized by the beautiful scene of the beach.

I bought a coconut water, lay down on the beach loungers and enjoy the picturesque wonders of the riverside. I can bet you the striking scenes of the beach will surely take your breath away.

Spa Breaks:

Spa breaks and massage parlors of Bangkok is as famous as the Seven Wonders of the World. The trip to Thailand is incomplete without taking a Thai massage. I heard a lot about it from my friends who also advised me to book one way before my visit.

So, I book it online through a summer deal available at It is the perfect way to unwind and recharge yourself in the extravagant spas of Bangkok. So, I did the same because pampering is an art form of this beautiful country. Whether if it is in a five-star hotel or a beachside hut the spas throughout the city provides luxurious treatment at budget-friendly rates.

I enjoyed every bit of my trip to Bangkok. The mind-blowing artwork, picturesque wonder, exciting nights, excellent spa experiences, cheap shopping places all these of sprawling Bangkok city leave a lasting impression on me.

Similarly, I will advise you all to visit this amazing city and make your holiday more fun and happening by visiting the Pattaya beach.


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