Best 5 Gifts for Tech Lovers You Need to Know


The hardest part about going to a birthday party is deciding a gift that the person would like. For that purpose, you also need to know about the interests apart from likes and dislikes of an individual. For example, if you think that your friend is a music fanatic, you can even gift her a package that includes Freeform on DIRECTV. I mean gifts do not always have to be someone that you can carry or see. However, if your friend or loved one happens to be tech lovers, we have brought a list of possible gifts you can give them.

Here are our top picks.

Google Home Mini

Smart speakers are more common now than they ever were. And now the option is not limited to Google Home alone. You have Alexa and many others. Anyway, we are discussing Google Home right now. So, your tech lovers friends would love a practical gift like this. Especially if they are addicted to bossing around a digital assistant. Once you develop this habit, you would want on in every room of your house. The Google Home Minis is a smaller version of its original version of the speaker. It is capable of performing almost all the functions that the original version does. This includes helping you to play music, answering questions for you and controlling your smart home for you. All this, without it occupying much space.

Wireless Headphones

Since Apple eliminated the headphone jack, individuals now hunt for earplugs that are stylish yet comfortable as well. Because the Apple air pods are very expensive, people look for options that are a good alternative to them. If you try looking for options, you will see that there are many other than Apple that is equally good. The bonus is that they come at a lower price than Apple air pods as well. So, if your tech lovers friends own an iPhone, you can always gift the wireless headphones as a perfect gift. You can go with the option of a Fitbit Flyer. These headphones are also very convenient if you are a gym goer. Because wireless means no wires interrupting with your workout routine.

Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

If your tech lovers friends also happen to be a writer, the best gift you can give him is a Microsoft Universal foldable keyboard. This will be convenient for them as it allows individuals to write even when on the go. And writers write whenever an idea pops into their minds. Therefore, with this portable keyboard, they can do that easily. Moreover, if someone has a long commute, he can spend the time answering emails. Or doing other important work with this keyboard. Rather than spending that time sitting idle. This means hours of added productivity. This rechargeable foldable keyboard is compatible with almost all major brands’ devices including Android, Apple, and Windows.

Wireless Charging Pad

Nothing is more irritating than a mobile that is about to die. Because everyone has a very busy schedule, one tends to forget to charge the mobile often times. For instances like these, there exists a wireless charging pad. You can carry it with you and charge your mobile wherever you wish to. The wireless part means that you do not have to look for sockets to plug the charger in. This is convenient while traveling where you do not have access to sockets at all times. Also, you want to avoid messing things up by having to handle all the wires that create mayhem. Therefore, it is better to gift a wireless charger to your tech lovers friends.

GoPro Waterproof Camera

If your friend who is a tech-lovers also happens to be an adventurous person, there is no better gift that you can give him. This camera is designed to withstand snow, mud, and water. Hence, making it a perfect travel buddy. It also has a free companion app that is compatible with both Android and iOS. The app allows you to transfer, watch and edit the pics and videos in high quality.

Although the list for this blog exhausts here. But the options are unlimited. These are the top picks in our opinion. You do not have to stick to this list. Other options that you can consider gifting to tech lovers include smartwatch or a mobile printer. You can also consider gifting a portable Internet device so that your friend does not have to search Cox near Me options or the like. for


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