Best 10 Free Tools for Infographic Creation below 20 Minutes (Anyone Can Do This)

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If you are designing and creating infographics, you would have probably discovered that there are different tools and templates that you can use to come up with the best infographic possible. These tools usually help you develop unique and creative graphics that would catch your readers’ attention. You should also get it a point to incorporate the best infographic creation tools in your website to capture more traffic and visitors to your site.

With this in mind, what would the best way to create an infographic for your business? There remain several aspects that you should consider but let us start with the basics first.

When it does come to coming up with a great infographic, you should consider coming up with:

  • A plot is one of the most important aspects of an image. It would be able to effectively highlight certain information and other details that your readers need to know.
  • An image map would help you to create maps that would graphically represent your subject matter. Some allow you to put in the dimension that you want and colour-coding schemes to customize it more.
  • The dimension you will be using here would depend on the kind of information you want to display on your map.

Now, when it comes to creativity, the best infographic creation tools should be able to allow you to come up with images that would truly mesmerize your readers. Some may imagine a different landscape from the one they have seen before, but others may find it hard to imagine anything else. With the images you will use, ensure that they will match the message you want to convey.

Here are some out of the best tools to create an infographic:

Canva (Offers Both Free & Paid Versions)

Canva has gained huge popularity among the digital enthusiast generation, especially those involved in the design and development of websites, e-books, and other web-based applications. Canva is known for providing excellent designs, templates, and graphics tools to assist web designers and developers in coming up with great-looking and navigable visual presentations. They have also been instrumental in helping many online business people make the best out of their websites. This platform also offers a tutorial for specific services or associated tools. Canva provides you with high-quality and professional-looking charts, graphs, and diagrams. Its products range from simple diagrams to more complicated ones that include high-resolution images, videos, animated texts, and high-definition graphics.

Visme (Offers Both Free & Paid Versions)

Visme is a very impressive and high-quality business tool. Visme comes with a very user-friendly interface, and it can be customized to match every type of business’s needs. This website creation tool will enable you to create a very attractive design quickly without being a computer genius. Visme is ideal for creating professional-looking business cards, business proposals, and catalogues, as well as logos and presentations. With the help of this amazing website creation tool, you will have a very easy time producing professional-looking graphics for your website. You will customize all of the elements, such as logos, colours, and text.

Infogram (Offers Both Free & Paid Versions)

Infogram is a very interesting and innovative new image promotion tool that helps you create infographics and diagrams easily and quickly. Infogram does not require any technical knowledge and understanding of HTML or graphics. It has been designed by a group of highly professional web and graphics designers who have spent years developing the right set of tools and information delivery systems. These guys have understood the importance of providing maximum visibility to your corporate website while using the simplest possible methods.

Snappa (Offers Both Free & Paid Versions)

Snappa is a professional and user-friendly infographic creation tool. Snappa is not only simple and easy to use; it is also very helpful and very easy to navigate. Unlike many of the other web services tools available today, Snappa takes the effort to make it easy for you to navigate your website. With its templates, you are sure to find one that is most suitable for your website. And even better, you do not have to worry about the code because Snappa has made everything easy. You can also upload your graphics and photos for your users to enjoy.

Adobe Spark (Offers Both Free & Paid Versions)

Many people are unaware of Adobe Spark, i.e., a chart and infographic creation tool that provides you with the ability to create aesthetically pleasing charts and diagrams. This tool is extremely easy to use, and you can build several different types of diagrams and visual presentations. One of the best things about Adobe Spark is its ability to easily manipulate and change the structure of your data on the fly. With easy-to-learn functions such as AutoFit Columns, AutoFit Paragraphs, and AutoFit Headers, you can easily create flexible layouts for creating professional-looking documents and reports. The Adobe spark maps tool also includes support for manipulating the data set using Tile Maps and Spherical Geometry tools.

Animaker (Offers Both Free & Paid Versions)

Animaker is the most amazing animation maker which you can find online today. It is a unique animation maker that you can use in your productions as well as for promotions. The program comes with several templates that are easy to use so that you do not get to spend time learning how to use them. You can drag and drop the shapes and add details like text and objects using rectangular or circular hot spots. The hot spots are used to specify the shape and size of the shapes you wish to draw on the template. Once you are done withdrawing all the required elements of your animation, you can publish your animation on the website.

PicMonkey (Offers Both Free & Paid Versions)

If you want to create stunning infographics or perhaps graphics, then PicMonkey can help you with this. The website Picmonkey offers several great tools that you can use to create your infographics. These include the ability to embed an image, a blockquote, or a code to customize the infographic block’s shape and size. When creating your Picmonkey infographic, you have the option to personalize it by adding a small profile picture or by giving it a company logo. This will allow your readers to identify with your infographic and make it more personal. It offers the ability to draw custom shapes and patterns, add text, change the background colour, resize the picture, and much more.

Freepik (Offers Both Free & Paid Versions)

Freepik is a web-based infographic creation and vector designing tool to help all individuals involved in internet marketing generate website traffic. Currently, Freepik is one of the most sought-after tools used for internet marketing campaigns. The company has been around for since long and has proven to be a successful tool due to its ease of use & simplicity in generating traffic. Freepik has a few benefits over other online marketing tools, mainly due to its simplicity and ease of use. One of the main benefits of this tool compared to other internet marketing tools is that you can produce high-quality, professional-looking graphics that attract many visitors.

Piktochart (Offers Both Free & Paid Versions)

Piktochart is an innovative and creative product that promises to be the easiest tool you ever use in building infographics for the Internet. It makes the task easy, but it makes the creation of infographics easy enough that any person who can read and comprehend text can do the same. This tool is so easy that it may be considered an online version of Microsoft Excel. And what’s better still, it comes free! What makes Piktochart so unique is its ability to offer many plug-ins, making the tool adaptable to just about any business. Piktochart is a versatile and powerful creative tool that can be considered an online version of Microsoft Excel. And when you know how to use it, you can make stunning graphics and presentations with the ease and comfort that normal spreadsheet programs can provide. With a wide range of tutorials included and an online community that is growing by the day, you can also expect quick responses to your queries and technical support.

BeFunky (Offers Both Free & Paid Versions)

BeFunky is a fun and easy way to create infographics. By uploading pictures and putting them in the form of an Infographic, BeFunky makes it simple for everyone to create an attractive infographic. The greatest feature of this tool is that you are allowed unlimited files to upload. This gives you the chance to choose which ones you want to use in your own creations. You can even adjust the style so that it is more interesting and appealing to the readers. Choose from the templates that are available or upload your photos into the tool. When you are using this tool, you have the advantage of being able to choose from various styles as well as themes. Since this is an open-source software, you can use any of the themes that are available.

The Final Say

When brainstorming on how to develop the best infographics tools, you can ask your friends and colleagues for their assistance. You can also use different types of tools to buy online to help you visualize your project on a larger scale. Besides, you can also go through the list mentioned by us to understand the basics of designing these diagrams. Many of these tools are used by experts and professionals in different fields. All you have to do is consider all the ideas you can think of and choose the best infographics tools you can use to reach your goal.


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