Australia wants to plant one billion trees to fight global warming

Tree Plant

Over one billion trees will be planted in Australia, said Prime Minister Scott Morrison, on Saturday, February 16 at a cost of about 8 million euro. This spectacular measure is intended to fight against climate change.

The Australia is suffering from an appalling episode of heat wave and drought from last several weeks, particularly in the southeast, with temperatures exceeding 45° C, the death of over half a million cattle, and damage estimated at nearly 900 million euros.

Faced with the scale of the disaster, the Australian Prime Minister is trying to find a way that is up to the challenge – and ambitious climate goals signed by the country during the Paris agreement at the end of the Cop21: reduce 26 to 28% greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

On Saturday, February 16, while visiting a nursery in Tasmania, Scott Morrison announced that his country was going to plant a billion trees by 2050. This spectacular program should “help to create 18 million tons of greenhouse gases per year ” . For the sake of clarity, Australia currently emits 500 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent each year .

Pakistan and India have already done the same

With a cost currently estimated at nearly 9 million euros, this project is also part of a program to stimulate the country’s forest industry and create nine regional forest centers.

It is true that this huge country has the seventh largest forest cover in the world, which occupies 17% of its surface. And the associated industry contributes significantly to the national economy to the tune of 14.5 billion euros.

Australia is not the first country to embark on such an ambitious program. Since 2015, Pakistan has planted hundreds of millions of trees to fight deforestation. The same goes for India, which has achieved a world record, with 66 million trees planted in 12 hours.


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