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British Virgin Islands nextcolumn

If you’re a seasoned seaman or a sailing enthusiast, you must often think about what new incredible destination you should visit. We have gathered a nice company of international sun-bathed spots ideal for any mariner. From British Virgin Islands to French Polynesia, we’ve covered it all. What remains is for you to set out the sails and enjoy.

British Virgin Islands nextcolumn

British Virgin Islands

Let’s start off with the gem of the trading world with calm waters and an abundance of gorgeous bays. The British owned but self-governed territory comprised of nearly forty islands is a paradise for sailors. The view is wide and unparalleled on each and every one of them, and it’s no wonder almost half of its visitors come strictly to sail.

New Zealand: Bay of Islands

Moving to the land that justifiably attracted the Lord of the Rings crew with its unique landscapes and natural beauty. This modest (in size) island country has given birth to world’s top ranked mariners, and most of citizens own a boat as well. The region’s famous seaside scenery features a Winter-is-NOT-coming northern area climate, with clear water coves painted in stunning shades of blue and green.

Under-explored Zanzibar

The sailing trip to this corner of the Earth splashed by the Indian Ocean and its old StoneTown is a veritable time travel to the grand days of Persian kingdom bathed in aromatic and sensual air. The cyan waters and unreal beach sites are the signature of Zanzibar’s tourism. Try out a dhow (ancient vessel of Arabic origin) and revel in the archipelago diving activities.

The rising Croatia

Only people who haven’t had the privilege to feast their eyes on this stunning coast can be unimpressed by its characteristics. The Adriatic coastline is around 1800 km long and hosts approximately 1120 unique islands with deep green and insanely crystalline water. Its towns nurture a rich sailing tradition, but Dubrovnik and its neighboring island named Lokrum have been stealing the show of late.

Unavoidable French Riviera

The well-known names of this luxurious patch of the planet include Saint-Tropez, Monaco and Nice, veiled in myth, legend and superstar affairs. If you want to have a taste of local glamour, stock your boat with caviar and champagne and head out to the less hectic Marseille or Cannes. The undeniable French feel will truly permeate your stay.

Egypt: Nile River

Millennia have seen the Nile region being constantly frequented by all sorts of ships and now it’s a great off-road dive into its lengthy history. The options range from affordable felucca trips (classic canvas boats) to more lavish dahabeahs houseboats. No engines but simple wind-based sailing energy is exploited for cruise on the magnificent Nile. Engage in star gazing beneath the magical sky pharaohs once looked upon.

Australia: Whitsunday Islands

A hot piece of perfection, these islands are the dreamy reality of awesome postcards: spotless blue sky-dome, cerulean sea and 74 one-of-a-kind islands. A formidable Great Barrier Reef is just round the corner, with its coral cultures, turtles and a kaleidoscope of fish variety. The sailing business is very advanced, with all the right reasons. And if you experience an issue with your boat, expedient mobile marine mechanic professionals from the area will come to your rescue.


The islands of this ancient country entrap you with its innate mythical sentiment of the sirens and monsters stories. The country area holds over 1400 islands scattered among the Ionian and Aegean Sea with the watchful eye of the Mediterranean. Grab some ouzo and fresh delicacies between trips to its numerous islands. Jot down Santorini and Corfu in your itinerary, you won’t regret it.

Ecuador: Galápagos Islands

This archipelago of volcanic origin is teeming with fauna you’ve never seen before. The trip would include a plane ride combined with a long, but enjoyable weeklong cruise. You’d be living and breathing the sea life, and extensively take advantage of the diving possibilities. Lastly, be kind to the remaining endangered species and enjoy their company while you can.

French Polynesia and Tahiti

This place is an exotic paradise with plenty of unbelievable sites we’ve probably caught in some fancy commercial before. Amazing waterfalls, impeccable white sand, palm trees and blue lagoons are just some of its everyday attractions. Out of area’s 118 islands, Ra’iatea is a solid starting point as an unofficial sailors’ base.

Take our colourful suggestions into careful consideration for your next adventure. Still, whatever the destination you pick, you won’t make a mistake.


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