Armed forces continue to occupy the strongholds of terrorism in Sinai


Colonel Tamer Rifai, military spokesman for the armed forces, confirmed the continuation of the comprehensive Sinai 2018 operation to achieve its objectives of clearing the northern and central Sinai areas of terrorism. The military spokesman said at a press conference organized by the Information Affairs Department Terrorism and the continuation of hostilities, combing and carrying out raids on terrorist targets, and the prosecution of terrorist and terrorist elements in northern and central Sinai, in parallel with the continuation of border guards in cooperation with the Air Force in combating infiltration and smuggling Weapons, ammunition and goods to other strategic directions, to prevent the infiltration of terrorist elements to and from the country.

Armed forces during inspections

Organizing 500 ambush and security patrol

He pointed out that the anti-terrorist forces of the armed forces, the civilian police and the border guards continue to comb the roads and lanes of the desert dhow of the Delta and west of the Nile valley to pursue any terrorist or criminal elements. The border guards, in cooperation with the navigators, The safety of navigation in the Suez Canal, and the tightening of security measures at the crossings and ferries leading to the Sinai Peninsula, with the rest of the main branches and formations continue to complete their tasks planned, and the implementation of ambushes and secure vital objectives in cooperation with the Civilian Police Egyptian Governorates breached, and the organization of about (500) ambushed a security patrol and is orchestrated daily on the main roads and areas surrounded by desert, in addition to the armed forces to ease the burden on the citizens of Sinai in the areas of operations and the provision of rations to citizens.

The military spokesman said the exercises and military maneuvers of the main branches and the formations of mobilization, where the units of the Egyptian and French naval forces, the implementation of the joint sea training «Cleopatra 2018» in the period from 20 to 23 February the scope of the southern fleet in the Red Sea, with the participation of a formation of naval units of the fleet Including Egyptian helicopter carrier Mestral, a number of frigates, rocket launchers, elements of special naval units, elements of the ground forces of the southern military region, and a number of students of the naval college, in cooperation with units of the The French navy is represented by the Mestral helicopter carrier, as well as a number of frigates, rocket boats and French special forces.

Training to face potential threats

The training includes the planning and implementation of a number of prominent training activities to protect maritime transport lines, conduct offensive and defensive combat operations, implement the right to visit and search suspected vessels, plan and carry out a naval exercise on the island of Hakima for recovery and joint intrusion training, Naval units involved in responding to potential maritime threats, and the implementation of joint firefighting, in order to refine the skill of common elements and develop their ability to carry out various tasks to achieve the highest levels of combat efficiency, For the latest combat systems.

He explained that the naval forces are conducting joint training with the French side of one of the maritime units in the Mediterranean to train vital and strategic targets on the high seas, training in scenarios of counter-surface and sub-surface warfare, using non-standard means to maintain international freedom of navigation, In the region, in conjunction with the implementation of the tasks of the naval forces planned within the comprehensive Sinai 2018, to strengthen the procedures of securing the maritime theater and the protection of mineral wealth, and oil within the territorial and economic waters in the Mediterranean and Red, and Prevent infiltration and smuggling across the Egyptian coast.

Free services for the people of Sinai

He pointed out that the Ministry of the Interior provided services and facilities to the people of North Sinai governorate by issuing the computerized cards “Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce and Family and Individual Recordings” for a period of one month free, as part of the measures taken to provide all aspects of care for honorable Sinai children, Security and normalization of life in some areas, which have been raided by the forces.

The armed forces control one area of operations

The military spokesman reviewed the results of the overall operation almost daily, through the official statements issued by the armed forces, which demanded the military spokesman and the various media to abide by, to eliminate the malicious rumors that harm the progress of the operations, summarizing the results of fighting the forces on all the strategic trends during the previous period in The following:

Harvest 11 days of pursuit of terrorists

The destruction of 158 targets by the air force and 413 targets by artillery, the elimination of 71 Takfiri and the arrest of 5 others, and the arrest of 1852 individuals between criminal elements and required criminal or suspected support of elements Takfiri, and released a large number of them after taking legal action And that they have not been involved in any cases, with all their personal belongings being handed over to them.

The destruction of 282 information centers and 2 dispatch centers used by the takfiri elements, the discovery and destruction of 393 explosive devices, large amounts of c4 and TNT, and the discovery and destruction of And seized 112 vehicles and 269 motorbikes for Takfiri elements.

The discovery, destruction and seizure of 14 four-wheel-drive vehicles loaded with weapons and ammunition on the western border, as well as the seizure of 99 rifle cartridges.

And the discovery and destruction of 3 tunnels by the border guards and military engineers, in parallel with the prosecution of elements engaged in the cultivation and smuggling of narcotics, has been destroyed 53 farms for bananas, and seized about 39.3 tons of narcotics and 2 million and 100 thousand tablets anesthetic.

As a result of the heroic fighting of our armed forces in the areas of operations, 7 heroes of the armed forces were killed and 6 others were wounded during the raid on the terrorist strongholds, offering condolences to the families of the martyrs and calling upon them to protect them with mercy and forgiveness.

The armed forces and the police continue to raid several terrorist strongholds in the north and central Sinai, the desert back areas and their cleansing of the Takfiri elements, as well as a number of outposts that were located inside the residential areas during which the lives of innocent civilians were taken into consideration.


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