Apple is Secretly Developing its Own Screen Device


According to Bloomberg, their source said that Apple is working on designing and manufacturing the first monitors dedicated to their devices.

This work was done at an Apple manufacturing facility near the company’s California headquarters. Accordingly Apple is making a small number of monitors for the device for testing purposes.

Apple is investing heavily in the development of the next generation of MicroLED monitors.

MicroLED displays use different light-emitting compounds than current (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) OLEDs, promising to produce future electronic devices that are slimmer, brighter and consume less power. .

However, MicroLED displays are also more difficult to produce than OLED displays. In fact, Apple has almost ceased development of this kind of screen project about a year ago or so.

But since then, Apple’s technology engineers have made new advances and now their screen development technology is at a more sophisticated stage. Still, consumers will have to wait few years to see the devices and take benefits of the screen “made by Apple”.

Apple is heavily dependent on its display partner, Samsung Display. In order to reduce this dependency, Apple has been aggressively seeking Samsung partners to provide OLED screens for their devices.

Apple’s ambitious screen development project, however, is the latest example of a company’s long-standing effort and strategy to bring the most important parts of the device back to its ” their control”.

Apple’s long-term development of the screen is likely to be a big blow to other screen makers such as Samsung Electronics, Japan Display, Sharp Corp and LG Display Co.

The immediate reaction after this news is that many of the stock screen-making companies have slumped. Specifically, Japan Display shares lost 4.8%, Sharp shares lost 3.4% and Samsung shares lost 1.4%.


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