An Amazing Guide to Write Your First Blog Post

An Amazing Guide to Write Your First Blog Post - Nextcolumn

Have you already set up a perfect blogging site? However, it is not the only step to reach the brink of ultimate success. Every blog post you publish on the site should be a magnet to attract your target readers.

Companies with a dedicated blogging site generate more leads than organizations that don’t have blogs. Moreover, there are professional writers who earn money with blogging. In both these cases, you have to maintain consistency in publishing blogs.

But, what should be your first?
What will you write in that blog?

Most of the bloggers cannot make out how and where to start. A brief guide will help you to make your first entry to the blog with confidence. You will learn about the proper structuring of the first post and the ways to draw traffic.

Introduce yourself to the target audience

Like any other business, it is essential to introduce your business to the readers. You can tell your readers about your identity, the subject of your blog, and the reason for blogging. A brief introductory paragraph will open conversation to readers.

However, you must also provide the necessary information while publishing guest blogs on others’ sites. The words, like Welcome and Here is the First Post, will let readers know about your initial approach.

Make a thorough analysis

It is the first step for organizing your thoughts to do research. Grab a pen and paper and focus on the following issues.

Purpose of your blogging

The purpose differs from goal. For instance, you may have a goal of increasing your sales rate by 50%. However, when you are too focused on goals, it will make the bounce rate higher. A discerning reader can differentiate the sales pitch from quality content. Thus, your blogging purpose should be something that is useful to the readers.

Identify your goals

Bloggers have different goals that they like to achieve with regular blog posts. While some bloggers like to build relationships, others think of spreading brand awareness and many more.

Your target readers

Who do you target while writing blog posts? You do not write blogs for your friends, relatives and others you know personally. There are different Social platforms to do so like Facebook and Twitter and others. so You need to compose blog posts for enthusiastic readers in this digital world. Marketers always like to create a buyer persona before taking any step. Similarly, you have to identify the persona of your target readers. There are some user-friendly tools to let you develop the buyer persona. You can easily learn about the behavior patterns, goals, motivations, and demographics of your readers. Note down the information that you have collected using the tools.

You will uncover data you did not know earlier. This step will help you write relevant blog posts, and your first blog will have a chance of higher success.

What should be your voice?

The term- voice refers to your personality and identity that will shine through every blog post. It will develop uniqueness in your blog posts. What is this voice? Your voice for sending an email to your friends is different from an email to your family. This rule is also applicable in the world of blogging.

While some bloggers prefer a business-like tone, others like to have a touch of humour. There are several other options- Casual, funny, B2B, and formal.

However, your voice depends on your blogging purpose and your target readers. When it is a professionally focused blog, you can choose a formal tone. You may refine your voice by conversing with your target readers. By understanding the audience, you can find the right topic for your first blog post.

Decide the blog niche

You may think that, as it is your first blog post, you can write anything. However, by focusing on a particular niche, you will find advantages in the future. Thus, start thinking of the niche that can draw the interest of several readers.

Will you find much content about the chosen niche? You must not write something that attracts your services and products. The best blog niches can easily drive more traffic.

Start searching for the right niche for your blog. It may can be your hubby or the topic you like most. It cab be the subject that you are comfortable with. Then, post blogs regularly on the websites. It is essential to make at least 3 blogs ready to launch the blog.

What to write in your first blog

You have now reached the writing section of your blogging site. Before deciding on the title of the story, you can read other similar blog posts. You will get to know what other bloggers in your niche have already covered. You may choose their blog topics and write the content from a new perspective. Also try to add some of your own thoughts on that particular topic. Add your own value in that blog post. Your blog will be original and you will get much response from your readers.

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One of the smartest options for you is to go through a blog that has a controversial topic. It will be easier for you to find a different standpoint. Moreover, you can engage readers with your first blog post. Your first entry to the blogging platform can be successful.

Besides, while reading others’ blog posts, you must try to find answers to these questions

  • Have the bloggers written informative content?
  • What tone do they use?
  • Have they written highly effective blogs?
  • Is it covered with Information, reporting, research or analysis?
  • Is it covered with Comprehensive description of the topic?
  • Is it a Trustworthy content?
  • Is it with Spelling or stylistic issues? ( You should make corrections then )
  • Is it with Grammar mistakes? ( You should make corrections then )

Make your blog content interactive with images and videos

Large paragraphs with no visual content make the readers feel tired. Readers will leave your blog and look for information from some other sites.

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Short paragraphs are easily digestible. Moreover, you may add short videos and images. Other attractive visual elements are slideshows and infographics. It will increase the engagement rate and your readers will like to share the post.

However, the presence of several heavy images can affect your website’s performance. After writing about 500 to 1000 words, you may insert the image into your blog. It is the best place to add an image.

Another important trick for you is to add your photo and write a short bio. This part will make your blog more legitimate and reliable.

To gain a higher authority, you can link your blog to recognized blogging sites. It will make your blog more credible. Look for relevant high-quality sources for outbound linking.

Choose the right keywords

Your first blog post must not be without any targeted keywords. The relevant keywords can make a difference in your organic ranking. Maintain the proper density of your keywords. You may also incorporate the best words, which are related to your keywords.

It is better to look for a tool to identify keywords. You have to ensure that your readers can easily understand the words added to the blog content.

Create an outline for your blog post

Creating an outline is one of the best steps to write your blog posts. You can focus on the outline, rearrange the paragraphs, and write a blog post with highly organized content. It takes only a few seconds to create the main blog structure.

Based on the target readers search intent, you can develop the outline and write the blog content. You have to be considered while choosing the headers of your blog. Every header must answer the reader’s question.

Length of your first blog post

It is your first entry to the blogging platform. Thus, you may start with 1000 plus words. Some bloggers write very short blog content and it is one of the biggest mistakes.

However, search engines always prefer longer articles. You can find a relation between the search ranking and the blog length. Google looks for particular posts that are relevant to readers needs. The longer posts increase the opportunity to get noticed. If you will be able to cover all aspects of the topic then you can get several back links and social shares of that blog post.

But, there is one risk while writing the lengthy content. Novice bloggers try to cover the word count by adding filler content. The high-quality blog content must not have irrelevant words. That is why you must not waste the space using some garbage words. Moreover, the introduction and conclusion are the most important parts of your content.

When the introduction looks dull, the reader will not read the remaining part of the blog post. In this part, you must have to cover those things what the readers are waiting for. Similarly, the conclusion needs to be a summary of what is already written.

Add a CTA (Call to Action)

There must be some type of CTA in your blog posts. You may show your creativity while writing the CTA. Still, the most commonly chosen CTAs are-

  • Leave your comments
  • Visit other posts
  • Contact my team
  • Leave your contact details
  • Share the post

To sum up, your first blog post needs to be click-worthy. It gives an opportunity to develop the first impression. Check your readers’ response and then move to deal with another post. You may rectify your mistakes and publish better content in the future. However, you must not overlook the step for editing your first blog. Editing and proofreading will prevent the chance of grammatical mistakes. You can engage a professional editor for your first blog. Besides, you have to add some social media buttons to let readers share the content with others.

Apply the best tactics to reach several readers with your blog.


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