Amazon would Plan to Market a Connected Microwave

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The e-commerce giant would think about marketing very soon on eight appliances, including a microwave, equipped with his personal assistant Alexa.

After launching its ECHO speakers , connected with its personal assistant, Amazon attacks the home appliances more widely. This is what the US media CNBC says that the company headed by Jeff Bezos plans to market its own line of connected appliances, with eight products equipped with his personal assistant Alexa. The CNBC chain even specifies that a microwave would be in the pipes, but also a router / WiFi repeater and a subwoofer.

Nokia_Home / Photo : Amazon

If this information has not been made official, it should be at an event organized by Amazon at the end of the month.

Leader in the personal assistant market

A strategy of diversification of connected products therefore, especially as Amazon is leader in the market of personal assistants with 41% of market share in the second quarter of 2018, according to Strategic Analytics . Daniel Rausch, Amazon’s vice president, told IFA 2018 ( Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin) that Alexa was present in 20,000 connected objects. However, his personal assistant finds himself recently followed by his competitors Google Home and the Apple HomePod.


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