Airplane Crashes in Kathmandu Kills Several People – Nepal


A Bangladeshi airliner carrying passengers crashed near Kathmandu airport in Nepal.

A Bangladeshi airliner of US-Bangla Airlines crashed on Monday during the landing phase in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Several people have died in the accident. “We have just removed corpses and injured people from the debris,” Narayan Prasad Duwadi told AFP. Twenty people approx in the aircraft may have rescued, said an official at the airport without providing details of the situation of others.

Reason Unknown:
The aircraft of the company US-Bangla Airlines was the link between Dhaka and Kathmandu, with on board 67 passengers and 4 people on board.

The plane caught fire for reasons still unknown. “We are trying to control the flames. We expect clarification, ” said Prem Nath Thakur, spokesman for the airport.

Due to the accident, the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu was closed and all flights on arrival were diverted to other destinations.

Nepal has suffered several air disasters in recent years, which have dealt severe blow to its tourism industry.

Most of these accidents were attributed to pilot inexperience and maintenance and management issues.

By now, 30 people have been rescued from the accident area and taken to the hospital and 49 people have died, 22 injured.


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