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Time to seat with your designing team and devise a plan for an all ‘fresh’ look of own brand site? Well, are you aware which aspect should be your prime priority all throughout – from content creation to plug-in inclusion?

That across the domain’s browsing route, User Experience (UX) is not compromised but enriched even more.

And why? Because as upholds one latest study of the Guardian –

  • Standard of UX as a success criterion is going to surpass price benchmark and product quality for all business over the web by 2020.

Thus, as opines the pro website design services Singapore, whether you are endeavoring to sell herbal cosmetics or offer engineering services through the net:

your website must and must be ‘framed’, ‘typed’ and optimized in accordance to “just that they prefer”.

Now to help you have a better idea about how the strategy to this end should be structured, in here is presented 9 most distinctive insights into what’s ‘making the cut’ amongst the online shoppers.

Alarm 1 For 48% of consumers, a site’s design quality comes first when to ascertain the parent brand’s integrity.

And no “cookie-cutter” approach will work to ‘impress’ them. Offer them a layout, which strikes the mind in real-time but is fittingly simplistic to readily interpret ‘you’.

Moreover, remember for establishing the very ‘first impression’, you retain only 10 seconds. If not ‘affected’ within that span, arriving traffic is sure to switch over to competitor’s portal.

Alarm 2 A ‘below -the-standard’ mobile UX will make about 62% of customers to reject your business forever.

You surely do not want to be ‘de-reputed’ in front of a growing market of 120 million+ purchasers, right? So, invest optimally to construct a finely mobile-attuned domain and during the venture, keep in mind these aspects –

  • Effortless and secured surfing at a domain through own handheld devices emerges indispensable for 75% buyers.
  • 46% of consumers view disruptive browsing or accidental crashing of your portal at the mobile web as a serious flaw
  • Around 53% of mobile-optimized sites are turned down by customers solely for the speed ‘issue’; 3 seconds are what you get to ‘upload’

Alarm 3 Be it from their PC or smart-phone, 73% consumers desire contents to be perfectly readable and easily accessible.

Whether your designers are vowing for the sticky navigation style/hamburger menu or that exquisite vertical sliding pattern – analyze during A/B testing how much user-convenient the module is appearing to be – on a universal spectrum.

Also, in the perspective of veteran website design services Singapore, your content should be ‘read-optimized’ through best practices like:

  • as much as possible bullet points – 70% of ‘netizens’ prefer to engage with such contents
  • short paragraphs with curated points – around 40% buyers are prone to leave your portal when contents are over-whelming long and tedious to scroll through
  • custom-made blogs, informing, on a more personal scale, users over certain ‘how-to-s’ of life and work – it can heighten your brand’s trust factor by 82X

Alarm 4 Usage of more vivid colors as background themes and graphic textures for page layouts has proven to heighten a portal’s recognition by over 80X all across the Web.

Catching the point? Stimulate own designers to resort to more of lively shades and figurative illustrations to represent your ‘story’.

And thereupon strengthen own scope to experience –

  • 2% increase in the upcoming of quality traffic
  • 4 seconds/user ‘hike’ in site engagement
  • about 3% more of views for landing pages
  • over 1.5% decrease in regular bounce rate

Alarm 5 When implemented, the Responsive framework has particularly been helpful to brands for accomplishing about 10% increase in their CTR benchmark.

At a time when

  • every 3 minutes of user engagement over the World Wide Web happens via other-than-PCs gadgets
  • smart phone owners remain prone to check their device-at-hand apparently 150 times/ day
  • over 30% of the daily total Internet consumption is made up by mobile-dependent consumers
  • 68% of global businesses offering ‘Mobile-First’ UX to their customers have acquired an almost doubled-up increment in their total growth
  • sales-related content is accessed by 3 out of 4 ‘netizens’ from their tabs/phones only
  • 81% of committed shopaholics complete a purchase process solely through their mobile
  • around 67% online shoppers tend to pick a brand (over the competitor) when its portal layout is mobile-fitting

it only smoothens your progress to journey, to retain an universally ‘responding’ designing framework.

Alarm 6 83% of online shoppers expect a brand to offer ‘seamless experience’ throughout all web platforms.


  • over 50% of regular web-based consumers accessing 4 channels to finalize a purchase (Marketing Week)
  • 35% buyers preferring to communicate with brand’s same customer representative – whether over PC/phone or voice assistant (Zendesk)
  • a large quotient of customers across the borders utilizing 2.23 devices at the same time for buying pursuits
  • swapping between various devices becoming a daily habit of 98% US B2C clients (Google Research)

And, as brought forward by studies of acclaimed website design services singapore :

  • brands offering an enriched and continuous ‘cross-channel’ UX accomplishing 91X increase in customer retention rate over competitors each year (Aspect Software)
  • progressive omni-channel serviceability bringing home to businesses 9.5% more of profit per year at a 7.5% lesser cost/customer (Aberdeen Group)
  • cross-platform consumers proving to retain about 30X greater life-time value than their single counterparts (Google)

isn’t it time for your web design structure to fine-tune with AI and turn ‘Device-Agnostic’; thereby catering perfect and persistent omni-platform UX to each purchaser?

 Alarm 7 Dynamic site videos influence, in real-time, 73% of visitors to make a purchase from you.

But remember as well that –

  • 47% consumers expect your site to go visible within 2 seconds
  • when graphics and videos take way too time to load, 46% of your potential-to-convert clients can abandon you with 39% never engaging again
  • 45% ‘netizens’ will spontaneously discard your domain when the Home Page fails to load even after 3 seconds
  • more than half of Fortune 500 companies maintain a 6.5 seconds pace of functioning all throughout their domains
  • on an overall basis, a sluggish site can ‘harm’ your commerce with $2 billion loss each year

So, be it for background theme/ product description/telling the story/ or the purpose of ‘V-blogging’, be ‘fast’ – while not compromising quality as

  • even 2 seconds increase in uploading pace can enhance your regular conversion benchmark by 74X

Alarm 8 Post landing, 64% visitors search for your ‘Contact Us’ section and 52% remain more interested in exploring the ‘About Us’ part.

In accordance to the internationally famous website design services keeping clarity and readiness of access over information and ‘what’s the business’ about is a designer’s foremost task; coming at second the ingenuity he/she wants to ‘put in’.

Because if not:

  • 44% close your ‘window’ on account of confusion over contact information
  • 46% quit the site for not understanding the company message

Alarm 9 Scheduled attunement of website design with best practices and Google updates can bring home 117% ‘more’ site visits with 113% increase in sales-related clicks.

A bit more of work pressure for your designers, right? Well, it results in holistic growth and good for the business and, in effect, adds up to their official enhancement only.

Your main takeaway: An optimized web design catering flawless UX to your every client can multiply portal’s conversion level by 400X. (Forrester)

Prospective commerce to You!


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