9 Things You Need to Know When Going to Tokyo


Everyone is very polite, but not all

As in all other parts of the world, in Japan especially in big cities like Tokyo, there are people who are very nice and friendly but also have a few who are uncivilized or make you feel uncomfortable. So do not be too nervous if you experience unpleasant experiences.

Bicycles are everywhere

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While the traffic laws for cars are very tight, in Japan, bicycles are less likely to be considered. You can easily find bicyclists on both sides of the road. So, sometimes you have to be agile enough to avoid these cars on the pavement.

No trash

Despite being a very clean and civilized country, many of the unexpected visitors to Tokyo are almost without public trash. However, you can only find the bins very easily in convenience stores or shopping centers.

You have to sort the garbage

The reason behind the fact that Tokyo does not have public bins is because of strict rules for garbage classification in the city. Garbage should be divided into different categories, but if you do not understand Japanese, it is very difficult to know what to put in the bin. So it’s best to go to a convenience store where you can put all kinds of trash in the same bin and there will be staff sorting the waste later.

AirBnb is not the best and cleanest service

For many years now, AirBnb has become the ideal choice for holidaymakers to live in comfort and affordability. However, in Japan, AirBnb is not a legitimate service, so if you do, you may be able to rent a poorly sanitized place.

The hotel is very ideal

In contrast to AirBnb, although the price is quite high but the service at the hotel in Tokyo guarantee to bring you moments of relaxation, satisfactory rest.

You should learn some Japanese words

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Japan is a country with relatively few people in English fluency. So, the best way is to learn some Japanese words to use when needed such as asking for directions, asking about public transportation … Also, you can download the automatic translation application on the phone. to use when needed.

Pharmacies are everywhere

Many tourists to Japan will go to the drugstore to buy gifts to bring to friends and relatives. So you can find pharmacies everywhere in Tokyo.

However, each pharmacy has different selling prices, so it is best to go to a lot of places to refer to prices and choose the best price. One of the pharmacies that sells a variety of items such as food, medicine and makeup at a reasonable price is Donki.

The store advertises the product by the advertiser

At busy streets like Shibuya, you can hear the bustling buzz of the shops. They advertise about the product or about the promotions that are running. Typically, they will carry the sign and can use the speakers to support. Similarly, Harajuku Street also has many shops selling products in this way.


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