9 Things to Know Before Coming to Russia to watch the World Cup


There are many things that you must understand. The rules of law and culture in Russia for people those are interested to watch the World Cup should consider the followings.

The biggest football tournament in the World will be held in the Russian Federation from June 14th to July 15th. Many tourists around the world have been preparing for a trip to Russia to witness the Epicness of the teams.

There will be many things that you must know, understand the laws and cultures in Russia so that your trip will be smoother.


Regulations on passport duration

To get into Russia, of course you need a visa. Passport must also be valid for at least 6 months since the last date of departure from Russia.

When entering Russia, you must register an electronic passport at the passport control office. This card has two identical parts. The staff retains one part of the visa when you will arrive and other part you can keep it with yourself as you will need it to leave Russia when the tournament will be over.

No matter which city you travel, you should keep your passport with you as Russian police have the right to ask you to present your passport at any time, at any place.

Find out the items that are carried on board

Currently, there are no Russian government regulations regarding whether foreign visitors can bring their computers and electronic devices onto the plane or not, but to avoid unwanted trouble you should not bring objects those are too sensitive or misleading. For example, a bag with the word “Bom”, or a clock that always emits a countdown.

The security forces at the airport and the Russian police may also ask to inspect any of your electronic devices.

Russia also has strict regulations on the storage and transportation of drugs across borders.

If your travel medical bag contains any kind of drugs like barbiturate, sibutramine, codeine, anabolic steroids, androgens and other sex hormones, neurotransmitter, tramadol then you should submit a prescription drug form.
In addition, you may be arrested if you leave the country carrying valuable items, even if they are legally purchased from official licensed vendors.

Objects such as artwork, symbols, coins, carpets, military medals and antiques must have certificates that show they have no historical or cultural value.

You can apply for this certificate from the Government of Russian Ministry of Culture.

Be Careful

Whether you are traveling anywhere in the world you should be wary of pickpockets or different travel scams.

The bad guys often create false situations to steal your belongings. They can pretend to be fake police officers. More dangerous can happen to you that they can take advantage of your beliefs to transport drugs without your knowledge.

Always be alert to all strangers who intend to reach you without any work. Check your bags if you think someone is putting something in your bag. Double check it and if you get anything suspicious then inform the local officers.

Divide the money into different bundles, hide them between your other papers or in different bags.

Always share a copy of your passport, important documents and air tickets with your family members for use of any uncertain situation.

If you travel by car, close the glass doors and secure the door locks because the robbers can snatch your bag when stopping at the red light.

Crime spots often include underground walkways, alone places, public transports and transportation centers, tourist attractions, restaurants, busy markets, hotel rooms and rental properties. Avoid these places if possible or be alert.

Young criminals often appear around tourist attractions like Red Square, izmailovsky market Moscow or St Petersburg Metros.

Do not take pictures / shoot videos near any military facilities or places of strategic importance (like airports). You may be detained for interrogation if found by some police officials or authorities.

Not too Easy to Engage in Strange Relationships

Many people consider tourism as an opportunity to create new relationships, so it is quite open to everyone.

Openness in communication is a good thing, but it is not always, especially in a country where you do not have any idea much.

Does anyone know whether a gentleman or a naive girl you met at a coffee shop is a robber or not? These guys can take advantage of your openness, can make fun at bar, can take you to their home, can make you drunk and rob or force you for any illegal activities.

Therefore, never agree to go to a bar or club with strangers, you do not have trust on them or someone you just met on the street hours before.

Fifa 2018
FIFA World Cup 2018 / Photo : The Moscow Times

Do not Drink Alcohol

Alcohol is banned at the stadium place for the matches. Sale and consumption will be banned in the evening and match days in certain locations in the city.

You can be jailed for drink and driving. Therefore, do not drink, or if you are drinking then you should find whether it is prohibited area or not.

Money Related Issues

For easy shopping, you should change your money to Russian rubles.

However, only exchange money at banks and accredited transaction points. Avoid exchanges at the stores because you probably get counterfeit money.

Health Issues

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is not valid in Russia, so if you are a European citizen, read the travel insurance policy carefully.

It is important to read the travel insurance policy carefully whether you are from Asia or Africa.

The forest fire risk is also higher during the summer months. The fires may affect the Moscow area. Air quality in areas near fires will be worsen due to smoke, dust and may affect visitors with respiratory illness.

Do not make any tattoos on your body, piercing is the high risk of HIV infection and many other diseases in Russia.

Gender issues

In 2013, a law prohibiting the implementation and promotion of “non-traditional sex” was introduced but did not clearly state what was “non-traditional”. Foreigners who violate this law may be arrested, detained, fined and expelled from Russia.

Basically, Russia does not prohibit homosexuality, but not every citizen has a sympathetic view on the matter.

After this law went into effect, the violence against the LGBT community has grown sharply.

If you are a third gender, you can still travel to Russia and watch the World Cup, but do not show your love publicly or do not create any intimate scene with your partners.

In addition, you should learn and avoid acts of aggression, racial conflict. This is also a very sensitive issue in Russia.

Safety when Entering the Stadium

Before each match in the different stadiums, you buy and check your valid tickets.

Prepare your identity papers and understand the rules for the audience. Prohibited items such as cigarette lighters, knives or explosives are absolutely prohibited.


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