9 Locations for Cherry Blossoms Outside of Japan


Many people often think of Japan only to be able to see the beauty of cherry blossoms. In fact, there are many places in the world for you to enjoy this beautiful flower.


The climate in Korea is also quite similar to Japan, so the cherry tree grows well here.

Like cherry trees in Japan, cherry blossoms in Korea are also blooming between March and May.

Not as much as in their hometown, but visitors can still enjoy the spring air through the cherry trees on the streets of Seoul, on Jeju Island, in Daegu City around Yongyeonsa Temple.


Washington DC Cherry Blossoms

In 1912, Japan donated 3,000 cherry trees to Washington DC as a gift of friendship.

These flowers are grown everywhere in the city. Together they bloom in April and attract thousands of visitors to the Tidal Basin.

This is the most famous place in the United States for flowers and cherry blossom festival.


Photo Canada Cherry Blossoms

 Japanese people attach importance to cherry blossoms, as spiritual power, willpower, bring prosperous luck so it is no surprise that this species becomes invaluable prizes.

In addition to the US, Japan also gives cherry trees to Canada, South Korea and New Zealand.

In Canada, the best place to watch flowers is in Vancouver. Between February and April, the city hosts a cherry blossom festival attracting thousands of visitors to enjoy the flowers, enjoy the cuisine and participate in traditional Japanese games.


Netherlands cherry blossoms
Photo : Roselinde on the Road

 Although most visitors remember the Netherlands with pictures of bright tulips, but if you come to the country of the windmills in April, you will see a different image.

The Amsterdamse Bos forest outside Amsterdam is home to the annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

Here you will see pictures of thousands of visitors walking under the cherry blossoms trees, together spread the towel under those trees, eating cake and watching the beautiful flowers.

Alternatively, you can also visit Westerpark, north of Amsterdam where 400 cherry trees are planted to commemorate the tsunami victims in Japan.


You will have many reasons to go to Extremadura, a small province of central Spain famous for delicious food made from pork, rich cultural identity and the ancient beauty of the old buildings.

Especially for cherry blossoms

The Jerte Valley comes alive in the spring, when more than 1.5 million cherry trees boast.

Numerous cultural activities, culinary delights took place in this valley in March and April, attracting a lot of visitors to attend and love flowers.


Kungstradgarden park cherry blossom
Photo :Dreamstime

 In Sweden, you can go to the Kungstradgarden park in the center of Stockholm for cherry blossoms.

Not as much as in other countries, but you will still have an interesting time walking under the canopy of 63 cherry trees planted in 1998.

The cherry blossoms of Kungstradgarden usually bloom around mid-April and the park becomes a highlight for strolling, picnicking and photography.


Visitors looking to see cherry blossoms in Paris are limited to a relatively small area of ​​Parc du Champs de Mar.

However, seeing the cherry blossoms next to the famous Eiffel Tower brings a very special feeling.

As in Japan and elsewhere, you can enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms in April every year.


Curitiba Botanical Garden cherry blossom
Photo : Flickr / Andi Spotu

Cherries are grown in many parts of Brazil, but the most popular destination for tourists is the Curitiba Botanical Garden in southwest São Paulo.

It is home to the largest number of cherry blossoms in South America.

Nothing is better than walking on small roads, when both the feet and the top are surrounded with soft petals.

Unlike many other countries, cherry blossoms in Brazil usually bloom in June -July.


Gucun Park in Shanghai, which owns about 10,000 cherry blossoms.

This is the attractive destination of Shanghai in April every year.

Visitors to Gucun not only look out for flowers, but also to enjoy the fresh air of spring, living in peaceful space, in contrast to the excitement of one of the world’s most developed cities.


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