8 Useful Tips to Take Care of Your Inverter Battery


In a country like India where power cuts are common, inverters help make the brunt of the load shedding a lot easier. However, installing an inverter in your home or office can be a costly affair. This cost is mostly due to the battery that is required with the inverter-battery set.

While an inverter can run smoothly, its power source the battery requires regular maintenance so that life of the battery can be prolonged. Here are some tips on how you can take care of your inverter battery.

Home inverter battery maintenance tips to follow

  • Make it a point always to use a well-ventilated area for the installation of your inverter. It is because the battery of the inverter gets heated up during operation and charging. Hence, installing the inverter in an airy space lessens the heating up of the battery. What’s more, it also keeps off the frequent water topping need.
  • After you have installed the inverter, ensure to use the battery on a regular basis. If there are no power cuts in your area, it becomes your duty to discharge the battery fully once every month and then charge it again.
  • You should also check the water level of the battery once in two months. Make sure that the water level is maintained between the minimum and maximum limit and top up the battery with distilled water. Ensure to never use rain or tap water for this as it has excess minerals which may affect the battery’s performance.
  • Always keep the battery’s side and surface dust-free and clean. You can also use the cotton cloth to clean off these surfaces.
  • It is also your watchful duty to keep the battery terminals rust free and corrosion free. If the home inverter battery gets corroded, you can use hot water and baking soda solution on the area or use a toothbrush for cleaning. Rusting and corrosion are bad for battery’s performance. Rusting terminals lessens the current flow to and from the battery. Hence, the restricted current flow leads in slow battery charging which at last leads to reduced battery life and performance.
  • Ensure that the vents nearby the battery are open and dust free. Be informed to know that blocked vents may lead to the accumulation of hydrogen gas. As a result, your battery may burst and lead to injuries to others.
  • Your inverter battery is a highly dangerous item if you don’t handle it carefully. Hence, it should be your prime concern to install the battery only at a place that is out of the reach of children in your home. Also, ensure that the battery works in a place that’s well ventilated and airy.
  • Replace your battery if it is not offering you a longer power supply as it may be dead or damaged. Taking stock of the battery’s performance will help you keep it in good health.

Bottom Line: With all these tips that are stated above, you can easily increase the battery life of your inverter and you will not need to spend money on your inverter too frequently either for purchasing a new or for repairing your old one. So whenever you wish to install a new battery, keep these tips in mind which will save a lot of money of yours. In the event that you are looking for tips on digital marketing, please visit of digital marketing blog. It has the blend of content writing services, PPC services and other online marketing related articles.


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