7 Universities in the US You Should Visit

Rice University

Universities in the United States are attractive enough to be an exciting destination for visitors by the history, reputation and beauty of these places.

1. DePaul University (Chicago, Illinois)

DePaul University is a private university located in the heart of Chicago. Founded in 1898, the university took its name from the French priest Saint Vincent de Paul in the 17th century.

DePaul University
DePaul University

In 1998, it became the largest Catholic university enrolled by students in the United States.

In particular, the College of Business is located on the E. Jackson Blvd. for a walk to Monroe Bay. Buckingham Palace – one of the largest water fountains in the world since 1927, then rounds up to take photos at the Cloud Gate. Clouds, or the so-called Bean, a famous symbol of the city.

2. Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Harvard University founded in 1636, is a private research university, a member of the Ivy League. It is home to many outstanding individuals, many of whom have been students of the school, as well as many of the Harvard Nobel Prize winners.

Harvard University
Harvard University

With history, influence and wealth, Harvard has become one of the most prestigious universities in the world, and many students may wish to walk through the gates here literally and figuratively. .

From here you can take the bus to Boston city center will have many historical attractions, especially Boston chocolate tour.

3. University of Missouri (Columbia, Missouri)

The university also has other names such as the University of Missouri, Mizzou or MU, founded in 1839. It is the first public university in the western Mississippi and is the flagship of the university system Missouri.

University of Missouri
University of Missouri

Also widely known are the world’s first taught journalism programs (founded in 1908) in agriculture and biology too. This is one of 34 public universities that are selected as members of the “National Association of Colleges and Universities”.

From the college entrance, you can walk along downtown streets to explore the city of Columbia at night with its diverse eateries and bustling bars.

4. Texas Tech University (Lubbock, Texas)

Texas Tech University (Texas Tech) was founded in 10 Feb 1923 with approximately 30,000 students. This is the leading school in the United States of engineering courses.

Texas Tech University
Texas Tech University

The school was voted in the top 25 by the Wall Street Journal to attract the most sought-after students.

It is the second largest campus of the United States. There are more than 10 free bus routes that will take you around the neighborhood.

When visitors come here, visitors also get the opportunity to tour the city with the statue of Buddy Holly – a singer, multi-instrumentalist and one of the originators of rock ‘n’ roll. Can also visit the world’s largest windmill museum, or the Art Friday show every Friday evening.

5. Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (Indianapolis, IN)

Was ranked among the top universities in America, the Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) was merged from two universities earlier have a geographical location ideal: close to the center administration, commerce, arts and education have opened up many opportunities for students to practice their profession and service learning experiences.

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis

The impressive thing visible when you come here. It is the largest indoor swimming pool, US’s largest, with a capacity of 4,700 seats, has hosted many international swimming competition.

From here, you can take the bus to visit the city walking along the channel “Canal Walk in Indianapolis,” a children’s museum world’s largest and a little further is the famous Indianapolis 500 race.

6. University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Often referred to as Upenn College, established in 1740, there are currently about 25,000 undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

University of Pennsylvania
University of Pennsylvania

The campus is very romantic with watery lake, bronze statue and famous LOVE symbol.

From school, you will easily discover the city known as the “Cradle of Culture” of the United States. You can also visit the Independence Hall – where “birth” of the US declaration of independence on the 4th July 1776 and the Liberty bell which is the symbol of Philadelphia – where the first bell signaled the end of slavery.

7. University of Kansas (Lawrence, Kansas)

Founded in 1865, the University of Kansas-KU is the highest ranked public university and the largest school in the state of Kansas with 28,000 students from 100 countries and 50 states throughout the United States. The University of Kansas is also among the top 50 public universities in the United States.

University of Kansas
University of Kansas

The University of Kansas is in the heart of the beautiful, yet dynamic, yet vibrant Lawrence City with a wide variety of recreational, entertainment and business activities.

The city was voted one of the top 10 most ideal cities in the United States for college.


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