7 Things You Should Never Do to Book a Hotel


There are many decisions you have to make when you are traveling to a new
country. From booking air tickets to booking a hotel, you need to make all the right
decisions to get a better travel experience. To do so, you should be aware on how
to choose the right hotel. Instead of telling the reader what to consider, you will
learn about things you should never do when booking a hotel in this article. Read
on to find out more.

1. Not Checking Hotel Location
You asked your friend to book a hotel for you and did not check the exact location
of the hotel. As soon as you get inside the hotel, it looks well maintained. It might
tick all the boxes but when you get out, you found out that it was located in a busy
area which crowded all the time. This makes it tough for you to travel from the
hotels to other areas. Always check out the exact location of the hotel before
booking it so you always know what surrounds the adjoining areas.

2. Neglecting The Overall Cost
Just looking at the cost of a hotel booking is not enough. Keep an eye out for extra
and hidden charges. You will have to read between the lines to figure that out. Ask
the hotel management about any hidden or extra charges. Most travelers tend to
ignore smaller things such as breakfast which end up adding to their overall bill.

3. Ignoring Parking Availability
Most travelers don’t even bother about parking when booking a hotel which is why
they end up paying extra for it. Sometimes, the parking costs can add hundreds of
dollars to your bill depending on the duration of stay in that hotel. First of all, you
should check whether the hotel you are planning to book have parking. Even if
they do, the hotel usually charges tourists for it. Make sure you inquire about the
parking availability and costs.

4. Taking Internet Access For Granted

Just like any other facet such as parking, shuttle and parking, internet
connectivity is another area that can end up costing you more. Check whether
the hotel you are trying to book offers you free and unlimited internet
connectivity facility. If the hotel does not offer it for free, do ask them about the
rates. You don’t want to be saving few bucks but ending up paying twice as
much for internet access.

5. Not Signing Up For Reward Programs
Don’t forget to sign up for reward programs as they let you earn points. If you
manage to collect enough reward points, you can also redeem these reward points
to enjoy free night stays in the hotels. Same goes true for credit card points. Use
credit cards to pay for purchases and collect points and get cash back in return.
You can also redeem those points to make future purchases. The money you save
can be used for enjoying Dubai desert safari.

6. Avoiding Review Websites
Thinking all reviews are fake and review websites are useless is wrong. Yes, you
should always take online reviews with a pinch of salt but that does not mean that
you should completely ignore the review websites when booking hotels. Visit
credible sites and you can find authentic reviews along with pictures. If you are
lucky enough, you can also get some useful insights that will help you decide
whether you should book a particular hotel or not. These review sites can also
guide you on activities you should take part in and places you should visit in a
particular city. Let’s say, you cannot decide on whether you should spend money
on dhow cruise marina Dubai trip or not. Review websites can help you make the
right decision.

7. Not Calling the Hotel Directly
Just because your friend has booked a hotel for you does not mean that you can not
call the hotel directly. You don’t want to get any unpleasant surprise such as no
pets are allowed in the hotel. Make sure you call the hotel directly to double check
and ask questions you have in your mind. Don’t shy away from asking questions
and inquiring about the services and rates. This will give you a clear idea about
what to expect from the hotel.

What things did you avoid when traveling to a new country? Feel free to share it with
us in the comments section below.


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