7 Essential Tools for Kickstarting Your E-Commerce Business

E-Commerce Business

Electronic Commerce or E-commerce has conquered the global market in blink of an eye and this has brought almost any product or service that you need to your fingertips.
There is no denying the fact that the last decade saw exponential growth in the number of people who used the internet for shopping.

Naturally, more and more people are trying to test their luck in this new domain of online shopping. But prior to emerging in this domain it is vital that you are familiar with the tools that can help you to boost your online store.

Here some of them are mentioned. Just take a look


The Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that has gained maximum popularity over the past few years and has funded a huge number of projects in the last decade. It is a funding platform that supports the creative projects. This strictly means that the business-oriented fundraisers are acceptable together with those that support the art. But it does not support the reliefs or charities for the victims of the natural calamities. The sponsors or backers reward feature is also boosted by the backer donations. These backers are known for offering incentives for enhancing the financial donations. As the sponsor you will be charged if the project fulfills its final goals.

Ecommerce Website Builder

The e-commerce website that you choose is going to provide you with all the tools for giving rise to the website of your choice along with decent functionalities. This comes with features that are flexible and easy to design which make it a great option and a must-have at the time when you are just starting out with your business. It also brings with it supports for extensions, plugins and other add-ons that you may need.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics offers free tools for deriving the Google website analytics. Hence it serves the best for tracking the complete reports and the website searches. You can get the entire comprehensive statistical website report. These reports can be easily downloaded and they analyse the website traffic intricately. You can gain the entire comprehensive statistical website reports regarding the visitors searching the websites from a variety of different locations through these. Moreover, it also involves the visitors approaching on the bounce rates and the page views – two different pages. You will find the data for the average time spent by the visitors on the website. It also tracks the percentage ratio of the new and the returning visitors as well as the web pages per visit.


Hootsuite permits the companies to build efficiently a genuine and reputable online presence and interact with the customers. This platform is known for letting people post to the Instagram, the Facebook and the Twitter. This way you do not have to format for and navigate to every social media separately. One the social media accounts of the business are connected with the company Hootsuite, the business post any aforementioned and all other social media accounts by scheduling posts between a minutes and a year in future or immediately. The Hootsuite also comes with an automatic option that calculates by accessing the user’s data about the best time to post. This is done on the basis of the engagement of the followers for maximizing the effect of any given platform or post.

Salesforce-Customer Relationship Management

Salesforce brings forth a highly supportive tool that is servicing online customers for building long business relations. The primary idea is to supply the services or programs for the customers in an innovative manner. The Salesforce offers the helpful platforms like the mobile cloud and the social technologies. It includes the CRM applications and the flagship sales.


The MailChimp offers a great opportunity for growing the ecommerce business by offering both the paid-subscription and the free packages. The main focus of MailChimp is to offer the customized offers along with pieces of communication that lead to the various stages of brand awareness, for staying in touch with the potential and previous customers and finally to generate conversions and repeat sales.

Product Designer Tool

This is a well-organized and avantgarde product design software that has gained a name globally for offering budget-friendly and quality design software application. Its inexorable endeavour is to meet the ever-evolving customization needs so that the e-commerce businesses can attract their potential customers and achieve more long-lasting conversions. This software features awe-inspiring interfaces that offer the users with a plenitude of functions for simplifying the process of personalization of the various products including that of the laptop skins, t-shirts, mugs, shoes, business cards, banners and much more. All these contribute to Product Designer Tool becoming one of the most sought-after customization software today that e-commerce businesses must integrate with their websites for gaining maximum conversions and for enhancing their revenues.

The above are some of the essential tools that are necessary for kick starting your e-commerce business and help it attain its true potential.


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