6 Reasons Why Custom Cosmetic Packaging is Just What You Need for this Christmas

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If customers were solely driven by research and logical benefits of a product, innovative and eye-catching packaging design would never be the point of differentiation for buyers. In fact, the study shows that consumers are largely driven by things other than product quality. From unique design to vivid color schemes and ease of handling, many products are chosen for reasons other than the quality.

Of course, brands need to ensure they offer high-quality products to customers, but they should also strive hard to improve brand perception. And what could be a better way to accomplish this goal than using a bespoke packaging design, especially if you deal in cosmetic products.

Custom cosmetic boxes can help you create that special bond with customers which will boost repeat sales and give you a huge base of loyal customers for life. Read on to find out how else custom cosmetic packaging can benefit you and why this is just what your brand need for this Christmas.

Packaging can be Your Second Product

If you are one of those who love to create value for customers, cosmetic boxes wholesale supply is the way to add value to your product. Your packaging can be more than just a jotter for kids to scribble if you choose to create something out of the box.

For instance, transforming a box for clothing into a hanger with a little cutting and folding can prove quite useful for buyers. As a matter of fact, this feature will push them to buy your products over competing items. Similarly, premium cosmetic box packaging can also be used as an awesome decoration.

Most importantly, here the packaging won’t go to the landfills as it was transformed into a second usable product. This is just one of many innovative ideas you can use for this Christmas.

Make Lasting Impact

First impressions are long-lasting but you won’t get a second chance to make it count.

The packaging is the only element of your branding that reaches all your customers. And it’s also the first thing your audience get to interact with even before they see the product.

The first impression goes a long way as we humans perceive everything based on our first interaction. For instance, the first handshake with an individual that’s overly strong is more likely to affect your opinion about the person. That’s exactly how your custom packaging affects in first greeting.

If the first interaction remains dull or boring for customers, it can prove detrimental for your business.

Add Massive Value to Business

Ever went to an eatery for the first time and got a lot of food for your money? If so, you definitely got surprised and impressed, obviously not at the quality of the food, but the amount that was served to you. You feel like you’ve got more bang for your buck.

In the same way, cosmetic packaging box design adds value to your brand. Imagine you have shipped your product in an elegant box with a bespoke tissue paper, what will your customer say? Wow, I got a lot more than I thought.

Consequently, your customers will be more than pleased with their purchase and you’ll stick to their mind as their go-to brand for cosmetic products.

Compel Shoppers to Buy

Customers are visual creatures that consume a lot of information with their eyes. Therefore, brands have to put a lot of thought and effort into making their cosmetic packaging more presentable. Even the smallest cosmetic box with your brand’s color palette and logo can create a mesmerizing effect with their craft setup.

Use your packaging as a building block and let your products sit on top of them. For instance, show off your premium products in your packaging, so shoppers can see the added value you are proffering.

Memorable Unboxing Experience

If you already don’t know, unboxing experience is the most underrated and powerful way to strengthen relationship with your consumers. It’s about the experience you offer to customers between getting the packaging box and using the cosmetic product for the first time.

With the rise of influencer marketing, it has become even more important for brands to deliver a first-class unboxing experience so influencers can help you drive sales. Because at the end of the day no one would want to see their product in an influencer’s unboxing video with unbranded, dull, and generic packaging.

More Than Just a Packaging

Custom packaging is more than just a box. Of course, a rectangular or square packaging is one of the most common encasing solutions we have today but there is more to it than that. If you are selling a fragile product, it may need a little extra protection.

Including extra cushioning can certainly keep it safe during transit and storage, but if you are looking to sweep your customers off their feet, then add a custom printed tissue paper. This will make your customers go wow as soon as they lay their eyes on the product.

For modern-day consumers, packaging is more of a visual medium than an ordinary box that’ll go to waste. To reassure your buyers they have made the right choice, you need to come up with a tailored packaging design that isn’t just appealing but functional and durable. This will give you a rare opportunity to market your product, unlike anyone.

It can only happen when you won’t have to compromise on form or function. Rather, the two elements should come together effortlessly and work harmoniously.


Quality packaging is the first thing that makes customers fell in love with a brand or product. With competition in the cosmetic industry being as ferocious as it is now, you have to ensure at every step of the way that customers get blown away with their purchase.

The best way to do that is by joining hands with a reliable packaging company like The Legacy Printing that has been providing affordable custom packaging to businesses in the US for the past many years. The firm will carve your packaging just the way you want, in a time frame you can rely on.


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