5 places near to Lima you must visit if you are in Peru


If you are thinking visit Lima, Peru these days or maybe on holidays but you don’t have idea of where you should go or what you can visit. Here we are going to give you some places that you can take on consideration.

Even though we know it’s kind of impossible to visit all places we are listing in a couple of days, because of the distance between them. You can choose one and start there. You won’t regret, each location has its own magic and culture.

1.Ballesta’s Island

One of the first place you can visit near to Lima is the Ballesta’s Island.

The Ballesta’s Islands are part of the National Reserve System of Islands, Islets and Guaneras Points. In its surroundings live a large colony of sea lions that can be easily seen from a motorboat. This habitat is shared with the Humboldt penguins and pikemen birds.

We recommend that if you are in the possibilities, get a tourist package, it is true it can be a little expensive but you’ll save the long lines and have to take chances of find or not seats on the motorboats.

If you are thinking to stay for a day of two, you’ll have to travel to Paracas, the nearest city, where you can find some good hotels. Don’t worry, this is not the only touristic point for the zone, more ahead you’ll see what I’m talking about.

The travel on boat will last at least 50 minutes, then you’ll stop the nearest possible from where the animals are, and you can appreciate them and the landscape. We recommend you to use glasses, hat, sun cream and some warm clothes because it can get windy.


Remember what we said about staying in Paracas for visiting Ballesta’s Island and other touristic places? Well one of the place is the Huacachina Oasis.

This beautiful oasis is placed between sand dunes. There’s a lot you can do if you go to Huacachina.

For starters you can’t visit this place without go on a sand buggy that will take you over some dunes going up and down, experiencing some sensations like a rollercoaster, but more wildly.

After this, you can go sandboarding. There’s a lot of little companies that rent you the sand boards and can give you some classes for you to start.

If you want to taste something different or you just want to drink some alcohol, we recommended you the Pisco Vineyard Tour. You’ll be able to watch the process of how Peruvians made one of their most known drinks. And also you will taste some of the best pisco in the zone. Perfect place for going alone or in couples.


Another touristic place near to Lima (3 hours of travel) and it can be considered as one of the most adventurous its Lunahuana. This place is perfect if you are a person of though emotions. In this place wherever you look you will see a new adventure.

Boating, trekking, mountain biking are some of the things that you are able to do in this place, also hiking and even if you are not that into extreme sports you can go sightseeing and taste wine and pisco that the settlers made themselves. We highly recommend you to look for some tourism agencies for being able to do all the activities you are looking forward.

Remember bring with you, comfortable clothes, and sport wears for you to be able to do everything you want.

There’s a wide range of hotels and restaurants were you can rest and eat, so don’t worry. You even can camp here it you are looking for get a closer experience with the nature.

4.Santa Eulalia

This is other route of scape for the routine and boredom. This is a perfect place if you want to feel the nature and in total peace. And it’s just 2 hours away from Lima.

You can treat yourself with their excellent foods, like Pachamanca, fried trout and other more. And you can found fancy hotels were you can relax, have fun in the pool or just rest in a nature suite.

But don’t get me wrong, it might sound like a place for old people or just people who wants to have some relax, well, you can’t be just more wrong. Near to this town there’s the Autisha Canion, were you’ll be able to puenting, hiking, rappel and even fishing. There’s no excuses for you to go visiting this place.
All you need is the aptitude for being able to meet new places.


I know, you may think the purpose of this entry is to talk about what you can do in places near to Lima, but if we are here. Why don’t we give an opportunity and enjoy of everything the city has to offer. Shall we?

First of all, you don’t have to travel a couple of hours to enjoy of the tourism. If you go for a walk, eventually you’ll end up in some really good places. We can start by talking about the “Plaza Mayor de Lima”, which is near to another two points of tourism. The Congress of Peru and Convent and Church of San Francisco.

If you go on Sunday you’ll be able to watch the traditional change of guard and presence the ceremony. If these kind of places are not for you. You can go to “La Costa Verde” that is a path where you can walk up a hill and watch the sea and the nature in it. It’s beautiful.

Or visit some square that are all over the city, like the “Enamorados” Square or the “Alamadeda de los Suspiros”

And of course if you are in the Capital of Peru, you have to go shopping! There’s a lot of department store here, but we recommend you to search for some settler’s commerce.

Some of these shops are Tinkuy, where we get some sweaters and ponchos for our families. A real good place.

Finally! If you are going to Peru, don’t you ever dare leaving without tasting Ceviche! It’s amazing!


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