5 Dangerous Habits to Avoid when You Stay at the Hotel

hotel room

Many visitors believe that hotel rooms are one of the safest places when traveling abroad. However this place can bring a lot of trouble if not followed the safety rules.

A survey by The EasyLock, the door locks maker in the UK, found many people admitted that they were missing items in their hotel rooms.

Expose Valuable Assets

Do you believe that once you have checked in your hotel room, you can comfortably imagine that you are at home and you can lurch valuable assets such as jewelry, cameras and money.

This is a very misleading thought as even the best hotels can still be in a losing situation, especially at the time you leave the room for site visit or meetings and in that mean time when the cleaning staff comes for the room cleaning, you should put your valuable assets in a suitcase and lock them.

Safety Deposit Box

Almost every hotel room is equipped with a safety deposit box. Guests will reset their password as desired. This is where you can store valuable items if you forget to bring your suitcase.


In the survey, 44% of travelers said they did not use a safety deposit box to keep their belongings out of the room.

Locks in Hotel Rooms

Normally, in addition to the magnetic card to enter the main door, the hotel also equipped with a zipper or buckle top. However, many people often skip this step because of laziness.

Remember that hotel staff can still break into the room if you do not fit in, especially at night.

Too much Luggage

Among those surveyed, a few visitors said the average baggage allowance they brought was more than $ 4,800. This is a “gold mine” that can attract any bad guys.


If you carry too many valuables, never forget to lock the luggage before leaving the room. Money, important papers and expensive jewelry must always be with your friends, or in the safe.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is not only valid when you cancel or move your trip, but also helps in the event of lost items or stolen luggage, as long as you report it fully and truthfully.

Hope it will be helpful in your next trip and when you will book a hotel.


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