5 Best Surprise Gifts for Baby


Baby is the boon that illuminates the lives around by the sheer touch. Truly there is hardly anything more blissful than welcoming a new member to the family. The baby with his or her little footsteps creates everlasting footprints in the hearts.

Naturally, to win over their hearts with ideal presents is not an easy task. Afterall, here you are dealing with a gift for which you will receive no feedbacks. You won’t be able to know what made the baby more excited– is it the wrapping paper or the actual gift?

Remember that most of the time purchasing something for the baby means buying something for the new parents. This can make buying a bit tricky. Here are some of the gift suggestions that you can go about for the babies.

  • Baby Shusher – The baby shusher is said to be a “miracle devise” that millions of parents believe in. It is believed that making the “shush” noise in the ears mimic the calmer noise of being within the womb. This baby shusher, however, saves the parents’ breath and performs the shushing sound for them. It can be quite tiresome making the noise. The timer installed lets the device work for 15-30 minutes at a stretch. The volume of the rhythmic shushing noise can be adjusted to go with the preference of the baby. The lightweight and portable device is a great gift for the babies and their parents will be grateful to you for it.

  • Baby Bath Collections – The moms can feel quite anxious to take care of their baby in the right way as they are fragile and tiny. Gifting the baby with the functional and easy-to-use bath collections can assist them in this task. You should go for the portable ones which makes the bathing task more practical and less threatening for the mothers.

  • Baby Rattles -These are fun baby rattles that will keep the little ones entertained for hours together. With the rattling sounds that emerge from the easy-to-grip toys, these rattles are great for developing the senses of the baby. This is not just the ideal toy for the baby, but a gorgeous accessory for any nursery.

  • Baby Pacifiers – The pacifiers have got a bit of an advancement over the past few years. With the advent of the technology, there are many cute pacifiers that are available today. Now the pacifier can also be hung from the chest of the baby so that parents don’t have to scramble to find it. The pacifiers are usually made of latex and silicon and are BPA free. They are simple to clean and are loved by parents as they help to keep the babies distracted for hours.

  • Baby Customised Tote Bags or Boxes of Gifts– The customised boxes or custom tote bags in Australia are great options to show love for a baby. You can get many specially curated collections suitable for newborns or babies. Such collections will contain a super soft swaddle bundle, a teething toy and other goodies that the baby will love. What’s more, you can get the tote bag or box customised with the baby’s name printed on it which is bound to win over the hearts of the baby’s parents and that of the baby when she grows up a bit.

The above are some of the best gifts for the baby that you should consider if you are thinking about gifting options for the babies.


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