4 Things to do right after Sexual Harassment on the Plane

Flight Attendants

Bad guys are everywhere, even on a flight. There have been many cases where the world traveler has spoken about being sexually harassed by a neighbor.

If unfortunately you fall into that case, what should you do?

Report to the Crew
The first thing to do when you are sexually harassed is to tell the crew.

You can also consider speaking loudly to people around you, or privately to the crew members.

You can give signal, press the emergency button or get up to meet a flight attendant to talk about the problem.

Depending on the extent of the behavior, airlines will have their own custody of these bad behavior.

Please Change Seats
If you want to end sexual harassment immediately, there is no better way to get another seat right away.

In any case, the flight attendants will assist you as much as you want to stop this.

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If there is no space left, you can request a replacement with another passenger.

Make sure the Captain also Knows
Do not just tell the flight attendant, you should tell the flight captain.

This is what you need to do to ensure your benefit if the case is brought to the law.

If possible, ask them to come back to the matter as evidence.

Protect Yourself
According to travel experts, the incidence of sexual assaults is higher on night flights, especially when the visitor sits near you.

Therefore, you need to pay special attention to protect yourself when flying.

Immediately express the attitude of keeping distance with the object that you feel “unsafe”.

If you are not the victim of a sexual harassment but just a witness, you should report the incident to flight attendants and coordinate with them to prevent bad behavior.


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