3 Best Automatic Coffee Makers


It’s very satisfactory and worth having a coffee machine that make good coffee and fast enough while your eyes are still sleepy. Well, you need to be prepared while getting touch with electronic coffee makers in the morning. A lot of thing to do in the morning is bit difficult to stay at one thing while you have nothing in your stomach.

Based on that problem, in this article we will give you detailed overview about some coffee machine that can help you to do other things while the machine is making your coffee. These programmable coffee machine can put on working with just few clicks on the button and you don’t have to worry about staying near the machine to turn it off. The machine will automatically be turned off when the coffee is ready and you will be notified of that.

To give an overview about these coffee machine to give you an idea how they are the best programmable automatic coffee machine in the market to ease your morning schedule.

Cuisinart PerfecTemp
The 14-cup programmable Cuisinart coffee maker is one of the best Automatic coffee makers with variety of features and give you the most control over the machine while making coffee.

The coffee machine has different features to give you different taste coffee depending upon your choice with just few buttons pushing. With so many options on the machine you can have your own flavored coffee with range of hotness that you want to have on your coffee.

With up to 200°F and the coffee machine can give a good temp to coffee and also gives you temperature range depending upon your nature of drinking the coffee like Low, medium and high Temperature. The machine would automatically turn off with in 2 hours by default but the setting can be changed according to your choice.

The machine gives an extra feature of brewing batches or when you want to brew smaller cup and you can press from 1-4 button based on your cups. The machine has filtration system to remove impurities from the coffee while brewing and help you to remove chlorine in the process.

The automated setting of the machine includes Clean, Bold, Brew, Programable setting and 1-4 setting for smaller batches. The buttons around the clock are tone for notification, Temp control system, hours and minutes control system.

Hamilton Beach
With the best design, Hamilton Beach 12-cup coffee machine is our second pick for the best automated coffee machine. To give you a variety taste with extra features and total control over the machine is the best part while you take a bath in the morning and the coffee machine will brew a coffee for you and give you a beeping notification when it’s done.

With adjustable brewing capability and programmable setting will help to keep in the loop while enjoying the coffee with your favorite taste like overheating, normal hot and burnt taste.

The button around the timers are Keep warm for hotter coffee and hour/minute control system and give you Brew option for different taste like Bold, 1-4 cups coffee for smaller group and regular coffee. The program button the right side can be adjusted with your own setting or by default it can be shutoff in 2 hours. If has also on/off button.

There is also pause and serve option for a quick perfect coffee in the morning while the machine is still in the process of brewing and also the machine has three temperature option from low to high temp depending upon your choice.

Behmor Brazen Plus
Behmore Brazen plus a new coffee machine with lots of feature that are under your control is best thing that anyone want in the morning. Well, here not only the temp control system but gives the variety of mode for different taste of coffee.

The option under mode button are brew start time, pre-soak time, brew temp, clock time and calibrate your elevation. Here is also Auto start button which help to auto start the programable setting and give you the exact same coffee each morning.

The machine can take temp from 190°F to 210°F and also give you an option of Elevation from the sea level, put the level and the coffee machine will adjust that level while making the coffee for you.

Pre-soak option will let you give some water touch to your beans and the setting can be set from 15 sec to 4 minutes before brewing the coffee. The brewing temperature will help you to give the exact coffee taste that you want. One of the best instruments for making coffee while you have everything in the control.


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