Top 27 Diwali Gift Ideas to Give your Loved ones


Expressing your feelings towards the loved ones through gifts is one of the most creative ways out there. Gifts are feelings packed into things which make us feel so special and it touches our heart. With the festive season around the corner, you might be thinking about what to gift to your loved ones to make them feel special and comfortable. Here are 27 gift ideas to give to your loved ones this Diwali.


Gifting candles gives such a pure and natural vibe. There are so many varieties of candles available and it can also be customized as per your requirements and will serve as a great gift for this Diwali where we always decorate our surroundings with lights and candles. Candles decorated with golden décor items, traditional vintage looking décor items will look good for Diwali.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants can be gifted to people who love gardening and can decorate their houses with plants for a more natural feel this Diwali. The plants which look really decorative like snake plants and other leafy plants. Flower plants that can be kept indoors will also be a good option for gifting as it will add a colorful décor item in the home.

Sweets & Chocolates

Diwali is not complete with sweets and chocolates! This can be a great gifting option for almost anybody. There are so many different types of packaging of sweets and chocolates available these days which looks beautiful and also appropriate for the occasion. This can be combined with other gift items as a complimentary gift.

Traditional Indian Clothing

In these Indian occasions, everybody loves to wear Indian traditional clothes to celebrate our age-old culture. This can be a very good gift option which reflects our culture and tradition and will stay with the person for a long duration of time. Clothes like sarees, kurtas, dhotis, etc. are some of the traditional clothing options that can be gifted this Diwali.


Lanterns that have space inside to put candles, tea lights, or bulbs are a great option to gift someone to decorate their home. Golden metal lanterns or any other bright color lantern looks best for Diwali. It can be kept indoors or used to decorate the balcony for a beautiful lighting option which will illuminate the area in the evening.

Tea Light Holder

These holders are used to decorate different parts of the home with tea lights on it. The tea lights can be real or it can be LED tea lights for safety reasons. This can be used to keep at different parts of the house to set up a particular décor theme in the house and will look great and minimal and also can be used indoors or outdoors.

Journals or Planners

This can be a nice gift option for someone who likes to write and make to-do lists and in general, likes to journal a lot in their daily life. This could be a really precious gift for someone who loves journaling and which they can keep for a lifetime. Journals decorated in a traditional way with prints and other small décor items will be perfect as a Diwali gift.

Gold & Silver Jewelry

Gold & Silver is considered to be a pure and auspicious thing to gift someone. These jewelry bring out the traditional vibes even more. There are many options available from heavy to light varieties as per your requirements. This could be given to any person of any age group and would be a very useful and beautiful gift for this Diwali.

Dry Fruits

People who are fond of having dry fruits will love this one. These are healthy, tasty, and loved by many as a treat to have. Dry fruits like almonds, cashews, pistachios, resins, etc. can be included in this. There are varieties of dry fruits decorative packages available that can be gifted this Diwali to your loved ones. Dry fruits are a healthy and quality gift option.

Religious Gifts

This includes the idols of gods and goddesses, idol accessories, and other religious and puja gifts for small home temples. Idols can also be decorated on bookshelves and other places to create a spiritual and religious vibe in that area. This can be a really significant gift option on this auspicious occasion of Diwali.


Perfumes are an all-time gift option throughout the year but can also be a very nice gift option for Diwali. It has its use all year round and is a smart gift option than the regular clothe and sweets gifts in Diwali. There are different packages of perfumes too that are available these days which are decorated for festive purposes.

Aroma Diffuser

This works well throughout the year as well but during the festive season with all the guests coming over to our houses, a nice aromatic environment is always a win. This is a natural form of nice scent around the house and is also environment friendly. A nice smell also elevates the mood and creates a nice happy and positive vibe in the house.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are very unique items that are specifically personalized for a particular person or occasion. You can gift personalized photo frames, coffee mugs, home décor items, and many more customized for that person. Customization can include the person’s photo or other elements that the person likes.

Rangoli Stencils

Someone who likes to make rangoli and is interested in artistic things can be gifted rangoli stencils to make the art even much better and effortless. It helps to make the rangoli quick and with more details and precision. Rangolis are made to decorate the outdoor area or it can also be made inside the drawing-room area and is a nice welcome gesture for the guests.

Gift Cards

In the modern digital world, we have many other options that are electronic-based. Gift cards are one such option that can be gifted to people so that they can buy something of their own choice with it. Many brands offer gift cards with exciting offers included in it which will also be beneficial to buy a variety of products with reasonable pricing.

Personal Care Items

Personal care items like skincare, makeup, hair care products can be gifted to someone who likes to keep themselves groomed and Diwali is a great occasion for giving these products as gifts. There are many combos and hampers available of personal care items that can be gifted this Diwali to your loved ones.

Feng shui Gift Items

Feng Shui items bring good luck and peace to the house. This can be a great gift option this Diwali. Items like wind chimes, crystals or turtle, etc. can be gifted which is a good luck sign and also serves as a nice home décor piece. Feng shui can be decorated indoors or in the balcony area this festive season.

Metal dia holder

Another gift option can be a beautiful dia holder for decorating the house with dias this Diwali. Both metal and clay dias can be put on these holders and used to decorate around the house. Dias are also another natural lighting option and a dia holder makes it easy to use it. There are many options from big sizes to small ones, it can be gifted single or in sets of multiple dias.


A meaningful book would make a great gift option for someone who loves to read books and this can include religious, spiritual, or motivational books or even some great novels that will hold the interest of a creative mind. Books always hold more meaning than most other gifts for a book lover and can be a memorable gift for that person.

Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers can be gifted for home décor purposes and during the festive season we decorate our houses with different home décor items and this serves as a nice home décor item for Diwali. These are low maintenance too as they are not real plants and so will be a good option if you want to give something that is fuss-free.

Painting and Other Art Supplies

Art lover’s best gift options are art supplies. The festive season makes it even more special. Art supplies could be a really special gift to someone who loves to create. Art supplies like different types of paints, paintbrushes, canvases, craft supplies, etc. can be gifted.

Music Albums

Music albums can be gifted to people who love listening to the music of any particular artist. This will be a really special gift as music really evokes emotions and also if the person is into various artists then music can really create that connection between people. A person who is very religious or spiritual then song albums related to that can also be gifted.

Flower Vases

Decorative flower vase can be gifted as home décor for this Diwali. It can be a really nice addition to the interior of the house and also can be kept for all year round. Flower vase decorated in traditional themes will be a really nice option and artificial flowers can be gifted with it as a complimentary item with it.

Personal Electronic Items

Electronic items like mobile phones, ear pods, headphones, personal grooming items, wall clock, etc. can be gifted as a useful gift item this Diwali. These items are really in demand during the festive season as people like to get new personal use items during this time and it’s also helpful as it’s used all year round too.

Wrist Watch

This can be another very useful and significant gift option for your loved ones. It might be a little expensive but worth it. A good quality watch can last for years so the person will get a lot of use out of this gift item. There are many varieties available in the market and you can spice up the packaging too for that festive look.

Handbags and Wallets

Among personal use items handbags and wallets can be gifted to people who like to wear a lot of accessories and spice up their Diwali look. Handbags and wallets also go a long way and last for years and also serve a very useful gift option for the festivals.

Kitchen Utility Items

Electronic items that are used in the kitchen like mixer grinder, blender, juicer, etc. can be gifted this Diwali for people who love to cook different items and would be of great use to make delicious items this festive season for the guests or for the family members at home.

Express your love this Diwali with these amazing gift ideas to your loved ones and touch their heart. Celebrate the festival with colors, lights, and lots of love for your near and dear ones, and have a happy and safe Diwali!


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