21 Beautiful Ways to Repurpose your Old Clothes in a new Way!

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Old clothes can serve so many purposes and can be made into really useful items with minimal efforts. Sometimes we end up with ill-fitting clothes, clothes that are too old to wear or clothes that we just don’t like wearing. These clothes can be reused and repurposed in various ways that can be very useful in our daily lives. Here are 21 ways in which you can repurpose your old clothes.

Table lampshade


A plain fabric or a printed one works well as a lampshade. This white lampshade is made from a white top that looks cute and chic as a décor piece. Just cut up the fabric in the shape of a lampshade, sewn, or just tied up with a ribbon to fasten it and a new DIY lampshade is ready.

Cushions cover

Cushion Cover Nextcolumn.com

Cushion covers are really easy to make with old clothes. If the fabric has some fun prints or if the color is bright then it can be made into cushion covers which will complement your sofa set.

Woolen gloves


Old woolen sweaters that are out of fashion or are just too old to wear can be reused by making gloves out of it. These gloves which are made from a multi-colored sweater do not take much time to make but are super useful for those winter weathers.

Tote bag


Have some old t-shirts that you don’t want to wear anymore? Turn them into tote bags. Just sewing the bottom of the t-shirt and attaching cloth handles to it makes a great useful tote bag.



Old sweaters can also be turned into a beanie. This one made from a bright yellow sweater looks cute and serves the purpose. Just cutting up the sweater and sewing it up in a cone makes it into a useful beanie.



You can make a scarf from an old top which has a pretty print on it. Scarfs can be long or short so whatever length the top or the cloth material is, you can cut it up and make a scarf out of it. This one made from a floral top cut up into the shape of a scarf.

Table runner

Table Runner Nextcolumn

Old clothes that have a bit thick fabric can be used as a table runner. Just cut it in the shape that you want to make and another useful item is ready. This one made from an old shirt gives a nice aesthetic look to the whole dining area.

Fancy flip flops

Fancy Flip Flops Nextcolumn.com

To make simple slippers look fancy, old cloth fabrics can be used as decoration pieces. This one has been made with cloth straps which are cut from old clothes and tied up to the slipper to give it an elevated look.

Coin purse

Coin Purse Nextcolumn

This is one of the easiest items that can be made and is super useful. Just with a small piece of clothing a coin purse can be made and attach a string to tie it around and secure it. This one made with a black top is perfect for storing coins or any other small items that you want to store in it.

Bow tie


If you have a piece of fabric that has a minimal design or in a nice color then bow tie is another option. This one made from an old shirt fabric looks so chic as a bow tie and is a quick and easy way to repurpose old clothes.

Cat bed


Your cats will love you for this! A cat bed can be made from old clothes. Just make a round or a square pillow and stuff it with clothes and another round long pillow to cover the surroundings and you are done.

Kids dress


When you have an ill-fitting outfit then turn it into your kid’s dress. Just adjust the size of the cloth and a brand new outfit is ready for your kids.

Pets dress

Dog Dress Nextcolumn

We have seen pets wearing t-shirts, why not use your old clothes for that. T-shirts or any kind of top wear almost fit your pet and this does not even require cutting or doing anything to the item. The top-wear can be used as it is in this case.

Decoration items


There are so many pretty decoration items that can be made with old clothes. This flower made from an old white fabric looks so cute and can be used for home décor or can be pinned or sewn on clothes that you wear.



Woolens can be used to make a pair of cozy socks for winters. Cutting it in the shape of a sock and sewing it up will make a great pair of socks to keep you nice and warm.

Cloth belt

Cloth Belt Nextcolumn.com

Old clothes can be cut into the shape of a belt to use it as a fashion piece when styling an outfit. It can be worn with a dress or with trousers to define the waist and give it an interesting look.



Who doesn’t love buntings when it comes to decorating a place for a celebration! Old clothes can be used to make beautiful buntings for those occasions and the old clothes can be put to a really nice use for this.

Kitchen towel

Kitchen Towel Nextcolumn

Old clothes can be used as a kitchen towel to serve great use when you are cooking those delicious items in the kitchen! Cut the cloth as per your need and use it as a kitchen towel.

Hair accessories


Hair accessories are a great option when reusing old clothes. The fabric can be cut as per your requirement and used as a hair tie or a hair ribbon or even a bow that looks pretty for everyday wear.

Choker necklace

Choker necklace Nextcolumn

If you have some lace fabric then it can serve as a beautiful choker necklace. You don’t even have to sew it just cut it up and tie it at the back and a great fashion accessory is ready!



This one is the easiest literally! You can use old clothes to make handkerchiefs for daily use. Just cut the fabric in the size of a handkerchief and you are done.


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