2 Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Customer Relationship Management System


CRMs changed the whole scenario of how businesses are interacting with their customers. Days are gone of traditional management systems that were on registers. It is the era of IT and interaction between customers and a business is more advanced and friendly.

CRM is a part of marketing technology. Companies are using customer relationship management systems to manage, analyze and respond to the queries of their clients. To make a more responsive customer support team, a business needs a good CRM. With a good CRM, a business can keep all the information about every client at the same place with increased accessibility.

In fact, CRM made the relationship system more advanced. These systems are capable to solve minor problems in the client relationship cycle.

As technology has been changed and almost every company is trying to shift its infrastructure on the cloud. Cloud is becoming more important because of its flexibility and mobility. Cloud computing has changed the whole infrastructure of IT dramatically.

Organizations such as Microsoft are offering their certifications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 MS-900 for their cloud-based CRM. With proper MS-900 preparation, an individual can start a good career as a cloud-based CRM expert.

Cloud-based CRM provides many benefits. Some of them are enlisted below:

Accessible at any time from anywhere:

Using cloud-based CRM, employees can access any data at any time from anywhere using any device. As the server is based on the cloud instead of any particular office or location, this increases mobility and performance.

In the modern world, much of the work is done even without presence in the place. Cloud-based CRM makes a business more compatible with modern ways of work. A business can understand cloud-based CRM deeply by hiring a person who has passed certification such as MS-900 with proper MS-900 preparation.

Various teams of your business no matter where they are can access the same data at any time. This feature of cloud-based CRM is very beneficial for smaller and larger businesses. Teams in various cities or countries can access the data from CRM whenever they want because all the data is stored in cloud-based CRM.

Any changing in data will change the data in real-time. Because all the data is stored centrally, it will reflect changes to every employee.

In one central location, employees from multiple departments can easily manage their data and customer relationship. To access the system there is no specific location or device. Employees can access data using any device anywhere. For a crucial lead or a potential customer, employees don’t have to get back to the office to resolve a query.

This type of mobility and flexibility increase positive customer support and generate more sales.

Affordable for Businesses:

There is a huge difference between the cost of on-premise and off-premise CRM systems. On-premise systems are costly due to many associated costs. The initial purchase of software and hardware is a major cost for smaller businesses. Not only this but there are also hidden costs such as upgrades and maintenance of current infrastructure for installing on-premise CRM systems.

 These types of costs are difficult to afford for businesses on small scale. As they don’t have enough budget to bear any additional costs. This is why cloud-based CRM is a great option for small and large businesses. Smaller businesses can avail huge benefits with limited resources and larger businesses can reduce their cost by shifting on cloud-based CRM.

What is the actual cost?

So what is the actual cost of cloud-based CRM?  Most of the time cloud-based CRM providers charge the fee depending on how many users will access the system. Some providers charge a flat fee for accessing the system.
Cloud providers will take care of maintenance and upgrades. You don’t have to pay any additional amount for upgradation. This will save the business a huge amount.


Using the latest technologies is the key to survival for any business. Businesses are adopting cloud-based CRM and hiring certified professionals who are expert in handling the technical part of their CRM. With proper MS-900 preparation, an individual can pass the exam and get certification to start a bright career as a cloud-based CRM expert.

Adopting cloud-based CRM is beneficial for businesses and learning this skill is beneficial for potential individuals.


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