18 Ways to Save Money When Traveling


Everyone likes to have fun on holiday, to beautiful lands to rest, enjoy the scenery.

But to mention travel is to spend money. But we will say you how you can save money even on long trips?

1. Plan your Trip

Before the trip, plan everything carefully. You can use the world’s leading travel search engine to help you find the most convenient way to get to your destination by any means such as plane, bus , train, car, ferry …

2. Low season Travel

This is the principle of “gold” if you want to save on the trip. Normally, the peak season that you should avoid is summer and winter. Prices are often high up from food, accommodation to transportation. You should also consider where to go when there are crowds.

3. Take a Little Place

Many people have a habit of listing so many places to visit, then “try to live to try to die” to these places as a way to mark achievements, “check-in” on social networking. However, this will cost you money to buy travel tickets. At each place you stay for a short time and can experience the culture and life of that place.

4. Take the Group

You can travel with friends or relatives to share costs. In fact, many people like to travel alone to seek freedom and comfort. However, if you want to save, the best way is still to find few friends willing to accompany you. This will save you about 50% of the cost or more.

5. Select Country

Travel to countries with low living costs or countries that do not require visas. This way, you will pay less for the visa application, and spend less.

6. The Service is on the same Trip

In order to travel in large countries, you can use the same service with other people to share the fee.

In Europe there are Blabla car services, the US has Zimride, Japan has Noritomosan and India has Ridley. Also, in Europe, you can take Busabout “hop-on-hop-off” flights instead of Eurail or Interail.

7. Book Cheap Airfare

Besides, do not forget to book your cheap flight tickets through the flight search sites of all the existing airlines around the world. Many surveys show that cheap airfare is usually available between noon Tuesday to Wednesday.

Most airlines issue cheap tickets on these days. Some companies raised their prices on Fridays and if no competitor has a higher price, these firms will start lowering ticket prices on Monday or Tuesday. Compare your price in different airlines so that you can get cheapest price for your desired destinations and dates.

8. Separate credit card

If you use a credit card for your bookings, you can also have the opportunity to receive free flights. Go to the bank to ask about travel credit cards. The more you use, the more points you will accumulate. When the score reaches a certain level, you can convert it into a free ticket.

9. Cheap Accommodation

You can use some tips to find a cheap getaway. For example, contact your friends or relatives where you are going, ask them for a good place to live or for your stay in their home.

Depending on the relationship with these people, you may or may not pay. As a courtesy, you may still have to pay a certain amount of money, but it is certainly not worth while in the hotel. Moreover, at the house of acquaintance, you can by the way they introduced or even led to the famous attractions.

In addition, there are other ways, such as couchsurfing (a service where the landlord allows a friend or stranger to stay home for free), house hold (the homeowner will entrust the entire house to a fish exchange your house (you will exchange your house with a stranger from any country in the world, you will live in their house, they will live in the house for a specific period of time, as a volunteer working for a facility, in return for free accommodation and / or food.

10. Useful information

Keep up-to-date with travel bloggers or popular travel websites to get helpful advice.

11. Baggage weight

You should also determine your luggage weight prior to your trip to avoid paying any extra charges at the airport. Gather information about the airline and baggage policies.

12. Make more

While traveling, you can still earn some work to cover the trip, such as an English teacher or “aupair” – a form of international cultural exchange, in which the Young people travel abroad and live in indigenous families for a period of six months to a year without losing any living expenses.

13. Travel blogging

If you love writing, you can create a blog to share about travel and travel experiences. Many travel companies and brands will sponsor trips for you. In return, you will have to allow them to place ads or write articles about their travel services. However, you will need a lot of time and effort to build an interesting travel blog to attract these companies. Please remember this is not a one day game.

14. Walk

During the trip, take a walk as much as possible. This is not only good for your health but also helps you to save money. Normally, the price of public transport tickets initially looks less, but if you add a lot of trips, this is a pretty big deal. You should only use this method if the destination is too far away. Avoid taxi because of high price. In addition, walking can lead you to places or landscapes that are rarely shown on the map or can not be seen by public transport.

15. Currency exchange

Do not exchange money at the airport because the rates are usually very low. Better yet, withdraw at your local ATM with your card.

16. Cooking

You can also save money buying food by living like a locals (eating street food or at local restaurants instead of at places reserved for visitors), shopping for cooking materials at the market …

17. Exchange local people

Talk to the locals as much as possible. You can learn about free events such as festivals, concerts … or some tips to avoid fraud or overpay.

18. Free contact

Do not forget to use free apps to connect like Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp or Viber instead of spending money on traditional services. If the roaming fee is too high or to places where there is no public wi-fi available, you can use wifi in railway stations as free and buy a local sim card.


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