14 Kitchen Upgrade Ideas for 2020


Kitchens are no more a dark and smoky place which usually lies at the back of any house in the 21st-century scenario; instead, they have become the most beloved place of a home. If you are thinking of upgrading this particular place in your house then it’s the best time to get the things done.

I have come with a handful of best kitchen upgrading tips and that is going to help you a lot. You must update the kitchen which is undoubtedly the focal point of your house. With time kitchens have changed a lot and it has become somewhat modern kitchens.

Many things have played an important role in transforming old kitchens into modern ones including change in social dynamics and advanced technology. Let’s have a look at the top kitchen upgrading ideas you can go with to transform your kitchen and make it awesome from boring.

Smart Kitchen

When each and everything in the world is being smart why shouldn’t your kitchen be? Equip your kitchen with some of the best kitchen gadgets and appliances to get your cooking done in less time, effort, and in a smarter way. If you haven’t deal with smart kitchen appliances and are unaware of those electronics then the examples listed below may help you choose a handful of quality kitchen appliances this year.

  • Smart pot with Wi-Fi inability
  • Smart coffee maker
  • Automatic soap dispenser
  • Smart air fryer
  • Smart blender
  • Smart toaster
  • Smart microwave and many more

Effective Storage

Storage was always a problem in the kitchen but with smart and effective storage, the solution can be found. People with larger kitchen areas don’t usually have to deal with a lack of storage space but if you own a small kitchen then you must know the ways to utilize every inch of kitchen space available.


Few ways of making more space in the kitchen as follows:

  • Hang pegboard
  • Use the corners
  • Utilize the top of your cabinets
  • Include few foldable kitchen furniture
  • Use window for more storage
  • Utilize space around your refrigerator

Hardwood Flooring

Yes, hardwood flooring is still the most popular kitchen flooring option. Hardwood flooring is undoubtedly great but requires high maintenance and isn’t much resistant to humidity. Ceramics are proffered these days due to their great durability and resistance.


How about installing ceramics having hardwood texture and design, that would be great. Doing this will help you in retaining the hardwood look by using ceramic flooring material comparatively durable and long-lasting than the regular hardwood flooring.

Outdoor Connectivity

This is unique and most homeowners are going with this unique concept. You must also think about connecting your kitchen to the outdoor space available or even to the patio. You can connect these two different places by simply installing a glass door. Kitchens are usually congested but after adding an outdoor space with the kitchen it will become a most livable place in your house.

Metallic Touch

If you have to get bored with the silver-colored utensils, basins, and other kitchens kinda things then its time mix and match metals. Add utensils and appliances of brass and copper color to your regular utensils. You can also switch your regular basin with a golden, black, nickel, or copper one. Doing these things adds more character to the kitchen area.

Dark Color


Usually, kitchens are white and that looks great too but dark colors will also do the magic. Break all the stereotypes and go for something dark this time when it comes to color your kitchen. Equip the kitchen with the relevant textured cabinetry and surfaces and make the place more luxe, livable, and inviting.

Curated Kitchen

The kitchen doesn’t mean just utensils, edibles, cabinets and storage, its more than that. A simple kitchen is no more interesting and people have started curating their kitchens too. A creatively designed kitchen and thoughtfully styled decorative ceramics, artworks, cookery books, and other unconventional things will add more personality to your kitchen at the same time it will be more homely than ever.

Equip it with Larders

Kitchen larders are still in fashion and it can help you in saving a lot of space at your home. Larders have changed with time and they can add more elegance to your kitchen no doubt. In the old days, the larder was to be a small room cold enough to keep and preserve the food before the invention of refrigerators.


These days’ larders aren’t the same as they were before. It has been stylishly transformed into a pantry or cupboard. Keep all sorts of dry and canned food items inside these larders without losing much of your precious kitchen space.

Wooden Kitchen

A vintage wooden textured kitchen will be like the cherry on the cake. You can fuse the pinewood with the modern kitchen things and make it look beyond imagination. Team other ingredients of your kitchen with the wood and make it more interesting.

Color Pop

A more colorful kitchen concept is also being popular nowadays. With no doubt white will be in style always, a handful of colors will make it better. Equip your kitchen with some pop of colors by including colorful cabinets, storage furniture, basins, cutleries, appliances, art pieces, etc.

Pretty Pantries

Gone are the days when people store food, edibles, and other goods in small and dark pantry rooms and are mostly hidden. Doing the same these days won’t be a great move and that’s why you must make a great effort to transform the pantries.

Gift your kitchen a pretty pantry capable of shelving most of your cereals, kitchen supplies, and collectibles. Make sure the pantry is well organized and has enough shelves and storage space. Wrap it with vibrant colors resulting in being an attention-grabbing phenomenon.


Work on Ceiling

We often neglect the ceilings and let it rest with just ventilators and heat exhausts while upgrading the kitchen. First of all, go with the modern and fancy ventilation and exhausting appliances and make sure they look promising. Work more on lighting and trust me these things can create a huge difference.


Lighting is another area where a person does not pay much attention. There are tons of latest kitchen lightings available which can do a complete makeover to your kitchen and you will be truly amazed to see the results

Attention-Grabbing Ventilation


Ventilators were always boring and time has come to change that. Bring an elegant piece of latest and quality ventilators for your kitchen this year and add more and more elegance to this particular part of your house which many people also refer to as “the heart of the house”.

Bottom Line:

Upgrading the kitchen isn’t rocket science when you have the right ideas and inspirations. You will have to spend a lot of your hard-earned resources in updating your kitchen space and that’s why it becomes necessary to try your best to make it a fair deal.

Investing in best quality appliances, hardware, material, and tools will help you make most of your spending otherwise you will end up with no so good looking kind of results. The ideas listed above are going to help you in every process of your kitchen up-gradation.


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