13 Ways how to Avoid ending Up in Divorce after the Pandemic?

Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmail A quick reference guide on how to avoid unpleasant relationship pitfalls… For a successful containment of the marriage while in lockdown some recommendations or tools should be put in place. Think of them this list as your tool box, and use these tools indiscriminately: Remain faithful, common sense is unused at times in emotional touch situations like this Pandemic or forgotten sometimes in the heat of situations. Never, consider taking life affecting decisions during the house lockdown, but only after the total freedom and old routines are once again retaken. So, in that sense never consider the Idea of Divorce, don’t hold inner grudges and or resentments, instead try to talk things out. By nuling divorce as an option, the long term plans of family growth are better and this will in turn make you happy. Commit to focus on making a stronger bond rather than fleeing from it. Fantasizing about how your divorced life can be can seem tempting, but remember the old saying “the grass is always greener on the other side”. Divorces are hardly ever an enjoyable experience, especially for the family altogether. Learn and apply the Forgive and Forget Quickly. If you knew the percentage of marriages which fail due to one of the two not letting go, holding a grudge, and not forgiving and forgetting you would always do it or at least try, since it ought to be close to 100% of all marriages. In fact, the quicker you forgive the stronger you become. Remember all the energy lost in not forgiving and fostering negative emotions, this will harmfully affect your relationship and yourself. In case it was you who wronged your couple, recognize it as early as possible, meditate on it to be able to find the strength to apologize sincerely and ask him/her to forgive you. During this lockdown specially, do not fall into creating distances and filling them of empty spaces between your family and you, instead practice truly listening to your partner. And start planning things differently for the family’s future.
Turn on the flame of love and passion. Try to reconnect through love with your partner every single day. It can be easy to love, reconnect and respect your spouse if you remember to honor why you are together in the first place. One easy and one of the best ways to show love is to compliment one another both regularly and in front of others. Try to appreciate the small things each does for your family. There can’t be good love without regular communication, particularly now that in the age of communications there are so many options to get in touch that we sometimes drive aways for the non-virtual most esencial ways, such as human touch, and regular phone calls. These will be more appreciated, but also a constant communication and special profound conversations regarding dreams, frustrations and new interests, which sometimes we tend to avoid because they are outside our comfort zones. But what happens when you feel too far apart? In this sense it is critical to accept, adapt, appreciate your family’s growth, and how people inevitably change as time passes. Finding your own space is intended for you not to be left behind in your own change, and individual growth. Summarizing, doing things together and spending time apart might seem contradictory, but there is always room, time and the need for both. Look good, take good care of your appearance, not only to still look desirable and appealing, but also for yourself, to remind yourself your value and how good you can take care of yourself and aim at your expectations and what you have to offer. A note on the financial stress, to reduce it share budgets and expectations, Many marriages trumble over financial disagreements, often couples have different relations to money, fail to see the other’s perspective and to agree financially is critical in marriages. The key is to live within true limits, differentiate needs and wants. But remember there is no love with only needs, some wants or dreams must be fulfilled together along your couple’s plans, for example, a vacation, a home change, or simply gifts. These will strengthen the marriage. Regarding de-escalating arguments and discussions, There is an expression which says something like “better not pick up all fights’, learn which fights to pick, which are really worth the trouble of argumenting. If these can be avoided for after the confinement it will surely be for the best. Watch out for your day to day wardrobe choosing, ditch day pajamas every single day, they won’t lift you up and complete the day routines as well as you can, specially when shared with your children or spouse, your attire says lots about your mod and vice versa, so be gentle with your family and your need of happy, plentiful day to day “jours” to make this quarantine a journey. Think for example one day of recapping on dressing up with the clothes with which you met your partner or which you wore a special day. Using a sexy sports outfit around the house, even a fun outfit some days is highly recommended. Taking care of the overall appearance as tidy up beards, face hair, and other superficial and attractive cares will be a plus for your energy. Marriage and Sports go hand by hand, sharing the experience, the competitiveness, the results, and finally if possible a passion, can be much more rewarding for the long term relation of any couple. Examples abound, of marriages making healthy meals, having early runs, yoga, or doing some workout class to boost your well-being and confidence. Court Your partner as often as possible. Keep it up as adolescents if possible, nothing bad in speaking up the flame of marriage, if possible make small dates around the clock, around the house and week, for example, try to give the baby to someone while you both spend a sunset at the terrace, or walk around the garden, try out a candle table, some wine, ice creams, chocolates, and some new recipe. Recap on doing the things you did while first dating. Have you ever tried changing a routine and doing something he/she does, or doing the coffee early morning, or bringing breakfasts into the bedroom, or leaving old-school love notes around your place? These gestures will flavour up your relationship. In short, do everything you consider to foster intimacy in your relationship. Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmail

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