10 Unique Beaches for ‘Bathing’ in the US


If you have not picked up your favorite swimsuit this summer, it would not be a problem if you come to this beach in the United States – where “Clothing is Optional”.

1. Kehena Beach (Great Island of the Hawaiian Islands)

Found near the eastern tip of Hawaii’s big island, the Kehena is one of the friendliest sand beaches in the world. The sand is no more than 75 yards (68.58m) long and the entire beach is surrounded by a 30-foot cliff.

On both sides the rocky peninsula created a closed bayside for the removal of the costume and the people here had no sense of being disturbed by the outback.

They can nude while playing the instrument, while others participate in the extreme right before the dolphins often appear here..

2. Secret Cove Beach (Incline Village, Nevada)

Along the shores of Lake Tahoe in Nevada, a golden sand leads to Paradise or “Secret Harbor.” Starting from the Chimney Coast, then walk about 15 minutes to south and you will find the sand dunes leading to a peaceful place where there is the Secret Harbor Beach.

Beach is one of the most frequented places in Lake Tahoe. Many visitors do not hesitate to hide their clothes under the sand of. In addition to sunbathing, visitors to the beach together cook BBQ, do climbing and play volleyball in the sand.

3.UFO Beach (South Padre Island, Texas)

UFO Beach

South Padre Island has some rare beautiful beaches in Texas, including a strange sea: the UFO – named after an object falling off an emergency drift to the shore that looks like a spaceship. Currently the object is decorated with large letters informing the territory of “Nude Beach” and “No Tan Lines” (Let the body has no sunburn!).

South Padre Island is particularly crowded with college students during spring break. If you want to have quiet relaxing holiday at the beach, best to avoid this time.

And remember to go to the beach naked, you will need a car as well on the surface of wet sand because this location is located 10 to 12 miles north adjacent to beach number 6.

4. Moshup Beach (Aquinnah, Massachusetts)

Moshup Beach

Also known as Aquinnah Beach, Moshup Beach is located west of the Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. This is a wide strip of land with the cliffs of Gay Head Cliffs as a beautiful background. The last point of the beach is usually a naked sunbath.

Moshup beach is famous for its warm water, soft sand and sunset at the end of the day. Because of its small area, it does not attract too many crowds, so Moshup has a tranquil setting for those who want to sunbath, mud bath or swim in nude without being interrupted by someone else.

Especially visitors can use the mud to bathe using the mud, flowing out of the cliff.

5. Gunnison Beach (Highlands, New Jersey)

Gunnison Beach

Located in the Sandy Hook Gateway National Recreation Area, Gunnison Beach – which can be reached by ferry is about 45 minutes from New York City.

This is the only legal naked beach in New Jersey (look at the sign that the clothing is optional, so feel free to drop the bikini if ​​you are confident).

The beach has been popular since it was first opened in the 1970s. Before that, it was a military base and according to the people here the nude bathing movement originated from the military soldiers when they stripped of heavy uniforms to be a “tarzan boy” and jump into the water.

6. Apollo Beach (Titusville, Florida)

Canaveral National Seashore

About an hour’s drive from east of Orlando, at the northern end of the Canaveral National Coast is Apollo Beach, which has an “unrecognized” nude sunbathing area near parking lot 5. .

When the national coast was created in 1975, Apollo Beach was established, put into operation and has not been advocated for nudity.

Thanks to the intervention of the State Board for the Action of Nature, an agreement with the beach management authorities passed the regulation in 2000: Apollo beach visitors must keep their swimwear on its own until it is 150 meters south of the parking area.

This is to ensure that families with young children and those who do not want to bathe naked will not encounter unwanted scenes.

7. Ballston Beach (Truro, Massachusetts)

Ballston Beach

The Cape Cod National Seashore in Massachusetts has anti-nudity laws in public. However, the city government often ignored, and the Ballston beach has become a popular spot for natural sunbathing.

In order to “get into” this nude bathing area, you need to walk towards north and will reach in about 15 minutes. Meet the narrow straits between the two beaches of Truro, climb the sand dunes separated. Then nature is completely yours!

It’s hard to find on Google Map, but it’s already here. Just needed to spread your blanket on the beach and you can enjoy your comfortable moment.

8. ” Black’s Beach” (La Jolla – California)


The Black’s Sea (sandy and pebbly beach) – located next to the Torrey Pines beach in the San Diego area of ​​La Jolla – is split into two separate sections. Nude scenes were strictly enforced on the south side of the beach, while the north was “dressed up in pieces”.

This boundary begins at the northern end of the Mussel Rocks and 100 yards (91.44m) south of the main access road. If you mistakenly walk north from the main entrance in about 15 minutes, you will reach the gay beach.

9. Haulover Beach Park (Miami – Florida)

Haulover Beach Park

Attracting approximately 7,000 visitors a day, Haulover Beach Park in Miami is one of the destinations that most visitors forget. With white sand, clear blue water and warm sunshine, this is an ideal place to surf, swim and sunbathe.

Although the area “bathing is unnecessary” includes only a small part of the park but this is the favorite area of most visitors.

Stretching over 0.4 miles north coast, this place invites people to take off all but some choose to wear clothes. However, if you are naked and people are looking at you with uncomfortable eyes, you should also wear dresses immediately!

10. Collins Beach (Portland, Oregon)

Collins beach

Found on the island of Sauvie about 23 miles north of Portland, Oregon, Collins Beach has been welcoming nude swimmers since the 1970s. The area covers a stretch of a mile northeast of the island, which is connected to North Unit Beach – which is a non-nude beach.

In addition to sunbathing, playing volleyball / football, flying saucers and the annual Naked Bike Ride, which takes place annually since 2005, will cost about $ 10,000. Visitors around the world come here to rest.

Do not wait any longer if you have a bike and want to become the next tourist!


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