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An evening session with Golden Door founder Deborah Szekely

Patti Pietschmann
Nearly 6 months ago

The Golden Door sets up retail kiosks at Westfield Century City

In quite a departure from its elitist status the seriously pricy Golden Door Health and Fitness resort in Escondido, California has announced its entry

Holiday @ Nextcolumn
Nearly 11 months ago

Three mantras to keep the holiday festivities magical, not stressful

The holiday season is officially upon us, and this year, I challenge parents to join me in saying a firm NO to holiday stress.

Amazon @ Nextcolumn
Nearly 11 months ago

Amazon’s Black Friday begins Nov. 20: 8 days of sales, new deals every 5 minutes

Have you heard the news? It is hard to believe but ‘tis the season – the holiday shopping season, that is. Retailers around the