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Nearly 1 month ago

Is game-based learning capable of transforming the online education industry?

Many parents often wonder how their kids share extensive tips on defeating a ‘Video Game Boss’ in one go when they are rather slow

Nearly 7 months ago

A Quick Glimpse into the Television’s Future

We’ve moved a long way since the soundless black-and-white TVs. The modern television sets include 4k technology, mind-bogglingly progressive surround systems and a variety

Nearly 7 months ago

The AirClipz could be the hottest mobile accessory for frequent flyers

While trying out newly acquired swim fins from the local Walmart, the LA Travel Diva Examiner literally bumped into Marty Caggiula, inventor of the

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Nearly 9 months ago

12 Reasons you should make Video Campaigns

Updating a website once a month with a fresh blog or a new product picture does not make for a successful digital marketing campaign.

Turn your iPad into a tabletop game system: the SteelSeries Stratus, the first iOS MFi game controller with Bluetooth, is tiny but packs a big gaming punch.
Nearly 9 months ago

Steelseries H Wireless ultimate travel headset for audio geeks and game players

Whew, getting to the bottom of all the swag bags scored at the various pre-Oscars and MTV Movie Awards gifting lounges last February, wasn’t

Nearly 12 months ago

A big screen may be your answer to summertime celebrations

If you still haven’t found that perfect gadget for a Father’s Day gift, this may be it. It may be a little expensive for

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Nearly 12 months ago

A wellness app for your Apple watch

You may have long forgotten any New Year resolutions you made regarding improving your health. Summer gives you a second chance to get back

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Nearly 12 months ago

Holiday gift guide #5: Droid Turbo 2 and Maxx 2

Those of you familiar with Verizon know that the company tends to have a lot of say when it comes to how a phone @ Nextcolumn
Nearly 12 months ago

Advantages of ASP.NET

ASP.NET was created by Microsoft to meet the changing needs and demands of the market i.e. to build dynamic web applications and web pages.

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Nearly 12 months ago

Software-as-a-service rises in New York city

Software-As-A-Service name started when luddites started to argue the importance of the system. Since it had been presented to the market, its growth had