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Nearly 11 months ago

WaPo/ABC News: Hillary Clinton lead as Democrats unite; Trump weathers criticism

Hillary Clinton currently holds a double-digit lead over Donald Trump nationally, according to the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll released on Sunday. The numbers

Nearly 11 months ago

Attorney General Lynch praises Phoenix cops

Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch visited the Valley of the Sun today and gave high praise to the Phoenix Police Department’s mental health programs

Nearly 11 months ago

Ultimate list of American heroes and champions supporting Donald Trump

American heroes and champions are responding patriotically at Hollywood liberals who support the Hillary Clinton campaign. Clinton took a hard hit when news this

Robin Kelly
Nearly 11 months ago

Rep. Robin Kelly leads ‘National Day of Action on Gun Violence Prevention’ rally

A rally called “National Day of Action on Gun Violence Prevention” was hosted on Wednesday by Illinois House Representatives Robin Kelly, Jan Schakowsky, Bill

Nearly 11 months ago

Trump rally in Texas was different than media reports says attendees

There is trend in the differences some mainstream media is reporting on Donald Trump live rallies compared to what citizens who attended the events
Nearly 1 year ago

Hypocrisy on free speech

Both the Indian left and right have double standards, those in the middle must stand up A valid argument can be made about the
Nearly 1 year ago

Melania Trump: Is America ready for a sex symbol as first lady?

With her pouting lips, sultry gaze, and sinuous form she stands a careful distance away from the man who may become the next president
Nearly 1 year ago

Top takeaways from ‘home-turf’ Tuesday

Voters in five states weighed in on the 2016 presidential race Tuesday, and one of them ended the hopes of a not-so-favorite son. Here

Nearly 1 year ago

Bernie’s billionaires: Some wealthy donors have backed Sanders for years

While Bernie Sanders has pitched himself as the presidential candidate for the little guy — tapping into the wallets of voters angry over Wall