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Nearly 7 days ago

Keeping your pets safe for Thanksgiving

Although our pets are part of the family too, this doesn’t mean they should eat everything we eat. While some food we eat is

Cats have been around for a long time as our pets.
Nearly 2 weeks ago

Awesome facts about cats you didn’t know

Like dogs, cats are a part of our family. Not only do we love our cats like they are our children but did you

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Nearly 3 weeks ago

Training tips: Using dog treats to train your dog to behave

When it comes to training your dog to behave, you can easily use treats to accomplish this task. Dogs not only love treats but

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Cool facts about dogs you might not have heard of before

It is true that many people think of their dogs as part of the family. We all love our dogs and wouldn’t know what

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Nearly 3 weeks ago

New app helps you find your missing pet

It is terrible when a pet goes missing. They are part of your family after all and should be treated like that. This is

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Nearly 9 months ago

Woman accused of taping dog’s snout has been charged with animal cruelty

A woman accused of putting duct-tape around the muzzle of her dog has been charged with animal cruelty, reported Monday’s ABC 11 News. The

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Nearly 9 months ago

A victim of Black Dog Syndrome, young dog Libby can be killed at anytime

Who could look into this dog’s eyes and not want to save her life? Libby has had a rough first two years of life,

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Nearly 9 months ago

Woman who duct taped dogs muzzle arrested for animal cruelty in NC

A woman who brazenly posted a photo of her dog to social media with its mouth taped shut has been charged with animal cruelty

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Nearly 9 months ago

National Mutt Day: Gives new leash on life for pooches without papers

When it comes to “howlidays,” Dec. 2 is literally going to the dogs! According to a KSVF 12 report published on Nov. 28, a

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Nearly 9 months ago

Justice for Chunky: 300K sign petition to ban teen abusers from ever owning pets

A petition demanding justice for a small Chihuahua mix named Chunky, who was tortured for hours by a gang of sick drugged induced teenagers,